Two for One

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and that everyone has an even better weekend planned ahead! I will be working in the yard, planning for next week and of course, still hunting for a job. I am ready to get back in the swing of things (mostly because the health insurance things sucks without a job–why does it have to be so expensive?).
I looked at the calendar and realized that we are on the 24th . . . wait, what? I could have sworn we were still stuck on the 17th? Leave it to me to have no real direction right now and to get lost in the maze of life. I am going to need to start filling up my time with projects. Hey Mom? can we start cleaning again but in smaller doses?! 🙂
So I have decided to share with you the music from last week based on all of the concerts I have seen this week and will see by the end of next week. You might want to start with number 4, 5 and then round back to number 1.It depends on how you want to end your music excursion.
5. Orgy  
For my next round of places that I have been; I have decided to share with you places that I have been going in my dreams lately. I obviously have a theme here. 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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