2022 Halloween Costume

This year . . .I just couldn’t decide so I am waffling between three. Below is some inspiration on what those three might be. Can you guess?

Halloween Inspired Girl’s Night

I have a great group of lady friends and we get together regularly. We do activities a lot but we also like to get together and just talk. So this month we are making a Halloween-inspired dinner of charcuterie boards. Everyone is in charge of bringing their own board to share and we have it split into types so we don’t just have cheese or sweets. Below are 5 options that I am eyeing for my board.

Simply Delicious Food

Everyday Shortcuts
The College Housewife
Howe We Live
The House of Hood

Amazing Farmer Markets

It is summer and produce is in full swing. Ever since I moved back to the PNW, I have been more involved in local farmer markets and believe you can attend a different local one each day of the week. Yesterday I picked up my CSA box and berry share of the season and OMG . . .it looks incredible! So in honor of farmer markets everywhere; below are 5 incredible ones you can find in your global travels. Guess what? I have been to some of them.

Edinburgh Scotland Farmer’s Market

Pike Place, Seattle Washington

Dane County Farmer’s Market, Madison Wisconsin

Rialto Markets, Venice Italy

Hilo Farmer’s Market, Hawaii