Dreaming of Spring

Am I the only one who is over the “second” winter we are having? I love all seasons but some seasons seem to try and stick around a little longer than they should. At the end of one, I usually get twitchy for the next one to start. I know . . . we technically haven’t reached the start of spring yet but I am feeling okay if it shows up 3 weeks early.

So here are a few items I have been looking at that are causing me to dream of spring.

Beautiful blossoms on the trees outside
‘Dreaming of Spring ’ by ChristianSchloe
Spring Dresses
Spring Quotes
Easy Spring Salad

Personal Update for 2023

A new year and already I have had an ulcer flare-up . . . not a good start to the year. But I know that this stress is temporary and that better days are ahead very shortly. In the meantime, I have 5 ways that I am doing a personal update in January. Are you doing a personal update this year?

I took a year off from getting my nails done so they could revive. I am thinking this color scheme is the one I am going to go with on my way back in.
Love my hair but it needs a refresh
Totally reading this book by Jay Shetty
Creating my 23 in 23 Happy List
. . .and wanting to add something fun to my wardrobe

Christmas Decor

So . . .I feel behind this year in getting my house decorated for Christmas. I have been very busy, out of town, AND I believe in keeping my Thanksgiving decorations up until the end of the month. So here we are . . .I haven’t decorated yet for Christmas but I have high hopes for making my home look festive during the week. Below are some ideas that I am bouncing around on how to “change it up” a little this year.