Travel Snacks

I am guessing a lot of us are taking more road trips this year instead of flying which by definition means that we are looking for road trip snacks. Here are 5 snacks that I am crushing on at the moment.

  1. Trader Joe Garlic and Onion Pistachios
  2. Trader Joe Plantain Crisps
  3. CHOMPS Meat Sticks
  4. Ella’s Flats
  5. That’s It Fruit Bars

What to Wear While at Home

Yup . . . still in quarantine as I suspect most of you are as well. The first week at home, I stayed in my pjs and enjoyed every minute of it. However, I realized quickly that staying “undressed” affected my ability to function mentally well, while “at the office”. Now I didn’t say that I put makeup on or did my hair every day. I have lightened up considerably on my daily routine.

I have just now reached a new normal for me. It does consist with getting dressed every day in ready to walk out the door clothes. I also do my hair and makeup twice a week–mostly for the practice so when I do start venturing out again it doesn’t take me two hours to get ready because I can’t remember how to do it. LOL!

But I decided that there are things to get dressed up for even if you are staying in. Below are 5 outfits for staying in–you decide on the event for wearing them.