Making it Through

December and January is always a difficult time of year for me with work. There is so much that needs to be completed (perfectly) and not enough hours in a 24 hour day to get it done. This week was the first week that I am starting to feel like we are “normalizing” again. So here are 5 songs to support me this Friday.



Traveling is a big part of who I am. I have been taking trips long before I even have a conscious memory. In recent years, I have been traveling more than home. While I love my experiences, there is also something to be said for “nesting”, being a “homebody”, or in newer terms–having a staycation. Here are 5 ways to plan a great staycation.

Single Staycation
Staycation Ideas
Personal Staycation
Winter Staycation
A Few Ideas

Personal Update for 2023

A new year and already I have had an ulcer flare-up . . . not a good start to the year. But I know that this stress is temporary and that better days are ahead very shortly. In the meantime, I have 5 ways that I am doing a personal update in January. Are you doing a personal update this year?

I took a year off from getting my nails done so they could revive. I am thinking this color scheme is the one I am going to go with on my way back in.
Love my hair but it needs a refresh
Totally reading this book by Jay Shetty
Creating my 23 in 23 Happy List
. . .and wanting to add something fun to my wardrobe