Acoustic Covers

So I took a Pilates class recently that played only acoustic covers of songs and I might have spent more time listening then focusing on my form. Promise to focus appropriately in the future but . . .here are 5 songs that I like the acoustic cover of.

Do you have an acoustic cover of a song you like? Share!

Let’s End The Season Calmly

In general I keep all the things stressing me out, inside. This does the world a lot of good but it damages me. I vow to figure out how to stay calm inside going into the new year. But 2019 was FULL of extremely stressful moments for me and that pattern kept up to the very bitter end of the year. So in an effort to not lose myself, I went away for a couple of days to reconnect with the ocean and then spent the Christmas holiday in a cabin doing absolutely nothing but hibernating (sleeping, movie watching, eating, and endless walking in nature).

I have no idea what 2020 will bring me. I have figured out the things that I do and do not want to bring with me into the new year and I am hopeful. I am hopeful that my future will only get better. Maybe this new year will bring life-changing events, maybe it won’t. I just know that this time around, I am going to do it calmer then 2019.

In the meantime, I wanted Christmas music while I was gone that was calm and here are 5 songs that helped me achieve that.

I wish everyone a VERY Happy New Year and all the luck in the world that all of your hopes and dreams will materialize.

Motivation During a Stressful Time

I am usually VERY busy at year end with work but this year it is a little different. I am having to complete year end processes two weeks earlier then normal and it means that I am not sleeping very well and working LONG hours.

This means I need motivation to keep going when I just don’t want to do anything, anymore. Here are 5 songs that gear me up to keep pounding the work out. Do you have songs that motivate you to keep going?