Celebrating Women

I know we celebrated Mother’s Day this month and to all the mothers in the world . . .

Happy Mother’s Day!

But I just felt like having music that celebrates us as women in general. There were stipulations to the selections I made. First, it had to be sung by a man. Second, it had to be the least objectifying of women. Third, it had to try and not be an outright love song. Do you know how hard that was to find? Please tell me if any of you can think of any other songs that fall under those criteria. Enjoy!


Do you know what today is?

Seriously . . . do you know what today is? It is the following holidays:

Babe Ruth Day

Childcare Professionals Day

Matanzas Mule Day

Morse Code Day

National Hairball Awareness Day

National Tell a Story Day

National Prime Rib Day

National Arbor Day

World Design Day

Bet you thought nothing much was celebrated in April outside of Easter? In honor of these lesser known holidays, I have compiled a list of songs to celebrate 5 of them. Can you guess which song goes with which holiday?