Just Some Musical Fun (2)

I liked this so much last month that I am repeating it again.

What fun songs are you listening to while at the office?


Bright Songs

I don’t know how many of you listen to playlists on YouTube but one of the channels I like is Alex Rain Bird Music. I like that it isn’t a video that distracts me during the work day but the music stays in the same theme without jumping around too much. A couple of weeks past they published a playlist called Wake Up Happy and it made me smile while listening to it.

Here are 5 songs that I really enjoyed from the playlist.

Evolving Music

I read a quick article last week by Stacker titled, 50 Ways Music has Changed in the Last 50 Years. It was interesting to me what has evolved over the years that I have been alive and decided to share with you some music that I like based on some of the 50 ways. See if you can figure out which song goes to which way.

What do you think about the evolution of music?