Green is Returning

What a difference a few weeks make! I can start to see some color and life coming back to the trees and grass. I am loving the shade of green so much that I decided to share 5 songs about green.


Feel the Love

I know Valentines Day is over but hopefully everyone still wants to feel the love a little longer. I hate to admit that Valentines is not a romantic holiday for me. I love it more as a time to tell everyone in my life that I love them. So here are 5 songs that reflect the love I feel for all types of people in my life.

What are some of your favorite “love” songs?

Serenity . . . please

Right now I am tired . . .not physically tired but mentally tired. I have a lot going on and a lot of responsibilities and while I can keep juggling all those balls, I am having a harder time allowing the peace and quiet that my minds needs to rest. Here are 5 songs that are helping me do just that. What songs do you turn to to quiet your mind?