Information Overload

2014-07-31 03.48.39

Do we have a lot to talk about?! 🙂


No, this is not my favorite list for this Friday but it is things that make me happy. (BTW–the above picture is not an indication of anything new. Still looking for a job that will take me back to Ireland)


  1. THE BLOG IS UP AND RUNNING — (Hallelujah is what we should all be saying on this one). For those of you that need a little background . . . this blog started just over a year ago as a weekly email to friends. I had every intention of turning the emails into a blog but week after week something got in my way. As luck would have it; I left my full-time job in February (still job hunting) and found that I had a little more free time than before to FINALLY get this thing going. I am fully aware that I have much to learn in this process but I am so excited to start sharing with everyone all the things that make me happy.


  1. STEPHANIE (my sister) IS ENGAGED — that is right. She got engaged last weekend and is planning on getting married in September. I am very excited for her and excited that I get to help her create something beautiful. It is a good thing I got this blog up and running because I will have no time over the next two months. Believe me; I will share with you my favorite things that I enjoy during this time. 🙂

Vern the great 070


  1. FLICKR HAS BEEN UPDATED — you can now view all of my pictures from a year ago to just this last Monday.


  1. THE LEATHER COUCH IS FINALLY CLEAN — a lot of you are going to be scratching your heads on this one. Quick back story: my youngest niece was sick one night and happened to puke all over the leather couch. I originally thought no big deal until we realized that the horrific smell was here to stay. I literally tried everything and we even tried to have it professionally cleaned and the smell stayed. Since we were finally to the point of trashing the couch; I decided to do an exhaustive search on the internet for one last big idea . . . I found it. All I can say is THANK YOU to the post by mellielou on 7/25/08. Following what you did finally got the smell out of the couch and the whole family is a lot happier now.


Moving on from the above news-feed . . . on to my favorite things this week. We have finally made it to the fourth week of the month which means we are doing music. In light of all my happy news, I thought that I would give you 5 of my favorite “happy” songs. I challenge all of you to not tap your feet, move your shoulders, crack a smile or start singing.

Please share with us what songs make you happy!

  1. Kenny Loggins – Footloose

  2.  James Brown – I Got You (Feel Good)

  3. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – I Second that Emotion

  4. George Harrison – I Got My Mind Set on You

  5. The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger