Amazing Farmer Markets

It is summer and produce is in full swing. Ever since I moved back to the PNW, I have been more involved in local farmer markets and believe you can attend a different local one each day of the week. Yesterday I picked up my CSA box and berry share of the season and OMG . . .it looks incredible! So in honor of farmer markets everywhere; below are 5 incredible ones you can find in your global travels. Guess what? I have been to some of them.

Edinburgh Scotland Farmer’s Market

Pike Place, Seattle Washington

Dane County Farmer’s Market, Madison Wisconsin

Rialto Markets, Venice Italy

Hilo Farmer’s Market, Hawaii

Road Trip Packing Items

It’s the season for road trips and I take them in abundance. While my destination, the length of the road trip, and the people who travel with me, change with each trip; there are fundamentals that always remain. Here are 5 items that I will always have in my car before starting a road trip.

  1. Sunglasses are an absolute must and I have been on trips where I have forgotten mine. So when anyone is traveling with me, I also have extra sunglasses for everyone in the car.
  2. Water is something every passenger has in my car and I have it in bottles that can be reused for the duration of the trip. You never know when you desperately need that sip of water.
  3. A blanket that can be used to cover things, sit on, sleep with or even dry off with.
  4. Kleenex because drive-thru napkins are just so harsh on your face.
  5. Roadside emergency kit for the . . .’I wasn’t prepared for that’ moments.

Pendleton All-weather Blanket
Emergency Kit

Road Trip Snacks

Here we are . . .road trip season. I love my road trips and I used to use it as a time to eat whatever junk food I wanted to eat. As I have gotten older, I have realized that I just don’t enjoy feeling sick from the processed food that you can buy at convenience stores. I am grateful for the upgrades that a lot of these establishments have made on having healthier options but honestly, the best thing is just to do a little prepping and bring your own food along for the ride.

So here are my top 5 items to bring along on a road trip.

I bring along this garlic spread and cut-up veggies to dip such as peppers, cucumbers, celery, carrots, etc.
I love that I can have a fun meat snack without the sugar. This satisfies my cravings and feels like I just picked up convenience store food.
Nuts are great to have on hand and I love these Salt & Vinegar ones
I love these along with fresh fruit like apples and oranges
I have shared this recipe before but if you cut them up into 2-bites-worth sizes; they are a great treat!