Vancouver Washington

The first time I lived in Portland I never once crossed the river to explore the neighboring city of Vancouver, Washington. I never really felt the need to. Portland had more than enough to keep me busy. Now that I am back to stay in the area; it is a different story.

In some ways I am blessed to live in Portland but work in Vancouver and because I try to avoid as much traffic as possible; I find myself hanging around in Washington and exploring.

So here are 5 of my new favorites haunts in Vancouver.

  1. Frontier Public House. This was a recommendation by my hairstylist and I am glad she shared! 
  2. Speaking of my hairstylist . . . I love the salon I frequent! Way to offer excellent service Vata Salon!
  3. In an effort to stay cool this summer during the MANY 100+ degree days, I discovered this local gem–Moulton Falls. 
  4. I love my many options of farmer markets in the northwest but I love the lazy summer feeling of the Vancouver Farmers Market. 
  5. If you need to travel to Seattle, you should consider taking the train and avoiding the traffic and if you are going to avoid the traffic and the parking fees, you should take the train from Vancouver instead of Portland. But before you park and catch the train at the Vancouver Station, make sure you grab a bagel to eat from Sunrise Bagel Bakery. 

Festivals of the Summer Part 2

In May I shared ideas of events to participate in during the month of June in Portland. It was so popular that I am going to share what to do in July with you this month and finish out the summer months in the same pattern. Wherever you live, take a look around and see what is going on in your community. There are so many wonderful things to do with little expense and a lot less travel time.

  1. Sea Dog Nights & Gypsy Carnival: Only in Oregon can you find a camping trip based exclusively on everyone acting like pirates or gypsies. Once I have a costume in place; I headed out to participate! 
  2. Sherwood Robin Hood Festival: This was a lot of fun last year and can’t wait to participate again! 
  3. Portland Highland Games: If you haven’t ever been to a gathering of highland games before, you really should remedy that this year. It is a lot of fun and absolutely amazing to watch. I promise—your kids will love it just as much as you. 
  4. Hawaiian Festival Pacific Northwest: This is the closest I am going to get to the islands this year so I am going to make the most of it. Aloha! 
  5. Portland Slavic Festival: This is a culture I am not very well versed on and would like to learn more so I am headed out to explore.