Staycation Underway

I am guessing everyone is in the middle of or not too far away from either a self-imposed or government imposed staycation for the next couple of weeks. While it seems counterintuitive to someone like me, a very social person; I am choosing to look at it as the opportunity to reset and reconnect.

The pressures we have in order to meet  regular demands on our time, should be lessen and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy what matters most. Hopefully, we will all be able to spend a little more time with family. Maybe engage in those activities we “never get around to doing”. Maybe even start new daily rituals such as reading first thing in the morning or family traditions such as game night every Tuesday evening.

So for my travel post this month, I am giving some suggestions on things to do while you are home. What things have you thought of doing?

  1. Game night
  2. Learn about your family history
  3. Research the area you live in and find out who settled it and how it became what it is today.
  4. Don’t forget to step outside for some sunshine even if you only go as far as your backyard or patio
  5. Spend some time reflecting on where you want your life to go over the next year and make some action plans

Whidbey Island Part 1

I just love exploring and it doesn’t matter to me if it is near or far from home. In fact, I love exploring close to home because my schedule doesn’t feel crowded with trying to see the things that I might not be able to see again. When I stick closer to home, I know I have the ability to come again and again so the little things that I stumble upon become more important and I “see” the area better.

Just recently I was in Washington for an extended weekend trip around New Year’s and I was able to do just that. I was able to concentrate my time on Whidbey Island (and do it without the crowds). So here are 5 things on the bigger scale to see and next month I will share 5 things on the smaller scale to see.

  1. Mukilteo
  2. Coupeville
  3. Langley
  4. Anacortes
  5. Washington State Ferries

The Magic of Vancouver Island

If you have never been to Vancouver Island, you REALLY are missing out. It is a large island meant for exploring and connecting. The cities and towns that dot the island are unique. The locals are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The shopping is fun and kitschy. The food is a mixture of British fare/PNW flavors/Asian influence. But if that wasn’t enough–the scenery and wildlife is BREATHTAKING. I guess what I am saying is . . . GO ALREADY!!

I find my way on the island at least once a year and whenever I take someone new with me, I always have them hooked for life. So here are 5 things that I suggest doing while you are on the island.

  1. Esquimalt Lagoon
  2. Chinatown
  3. Coombs Old Country Market
  4. Cathedral Grove
  5. Seaplane Tours