The Daily Grind

Do you ever have those days when enough is enough?

I do.

In fact, I have it every Friday while driving this intense commute. By the 5th day of the week, I really don’t want to be behind the wheel of the car which leads me to this post.

The only thing that keeps me going is music. I listen to all genres and all ages of music (yes,  I have been known to sing LET IT GO within the safe confines of my steel beast). Music seems to have the ability to keep me from driving like a maniac and being irritated with my fellow drivers (as I sure they are with me).

So here is the music that I enjoyed while commuting to the office today. What do you listen to in order to stay sane?

  1. Rod Stewart–Love Is
  2. Deee-Lite–Groove Is In The Heart
  3. Jeannie C. Riley–Harper Valley PTA
  4. American Authors–Best Day of My Life
  5. Herman’s Hermits–Can’t You Feel My Heartbeat



Madison Wisconsin

Yes, Friday came and went. It was a recovery day for myself and my family and is also why I am posting today instead.  I flew into Madison, Wisconsin for my sister’s wedding on Thursday. It was a beautiful wedding and a whirlwind time in a beautiful state. I wish I would have had more time to explore and I could use some ideas of what to see the next time I am there. In the meantime, here are 5 things that I loved while I was there for two days.

  1. Obviously, my sister’s wedding. She was married out at Badger Farms enjoying the beautiful Madison countryside. IMG_5973
  2. I use to live in Kansas and one thing that I miss the most from the Midwest is the thunderstorms. There was a fantastic storm during my sister’s wedding. IMG_6145
  3. We went out to beautiful Lake Mendota the day after the wedding. IMG_6270
  4. We also perused the campus of University of Wisconsin-Madison and had to get Wisconsin cheese. IMG_6376
  5. Right before we headed into Illinois, we had to stop in Beloit, WI and take a picture as a cheese-head. IMG_6398


The Commute

So I am still looking for that perfect place to put down roots. I am planning on renting right now and in the future buying after I have had plenty of time to stake out ideal areas and the best price. In the meantime, I haven’t stumbled upon what I really want even for renting. It is okay except for the HORRIFIC COMMUTE.

On a good commute I can make it to my office in 1 hour. On a typical commute, 1 1/2 hours. On a bad commute 2 1/2 hours ++


I have to be up by 4:15 every morning and on a night like last night–I got home at 8. I actually quit my last job in the hopes of having some more “me” time only to now find that I am developing a very deep and personal relationship with my car. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car but I didn’t want to be married to it.

So I have decided to share my top 5 views along my commute. If you have a commute what beautiful thing do you get to look at?

  1. Mt. Hood 
  2. Columbia River 
  3. Willamette River 
  4. Downtown Portland 
  5. Fort Vancouver 


What It is That I Like

Hello on the flip-side!!

I have officially made it to my new home (actually what I mean, is that I am living in the area of where I would like to start looking for a new home). So I have a dilemma . . . I have moved to the beautiful Northwest and now I need to find a home but I am having trouble with that.

For instance: do I want to live in Oregon or Washington? I have a list of pros and cons on both sides. Heaven help me figure this one out. 🙂 But my other problem is reconciling what I want with what is available (and I do mean literally and monetarily). Does everyone know how much this sucks?

So for my five favorites this week; here is my top five items on my list let’s see if any of you have the savviness of figuring this one out for me!! 🙂 (BTW–the cheaper the better)

  1. I would love to live on the beach in a setting like this one however I am 1.5-2 hours away from it so that commute into work wouldn’t work.
  1. I want an older home or at least a home with character that also has up to date plumbing, electricity, foundation, etc like this one.

  2.  I would like a small home but large enough to house all of my holiday decor including Halloween like this one. (Halloween Village anyone?) 🙂

  3. I want a house that is in the “country” but only a few miles outside of the city like this one. A girl has to have options!!

  4. I want a place that feels like home as soon as I walk in because I want all of my family and friends to be comfortable when they come over not to mention myself feeling cozy every time I walk through the door.

Wish me luck finding something!!!  🙂