Do I really need to say anything else after the header?

It was a wonderful trip and exactly what I needed when I needed it. We were originally supposed to go at the beginning of March but we made the choice to hold off and we are glad we did since it was a day later that the state shut down to outsiders.

We did go through the mandatory COVID test and it did come back negative for us but it was nerve racking until we knew for sure we were okay. Once we landed it was a fairly quick process to get through the check stations and then on to the warm weather.

Below are 5 of the favorite new things we found on this trip.

  1. Kualoa Ranch
  2. Kailua Beach Adventures
  3. Ono Yo
  4. Lokoea Farm
  5. Kizuna Japanese Sushi

Feeling Joy

We have made it to the end of 2020 and I am sure everyone is ready to start the new year in the hopes that it will be a little more like 2019 before COVID came into our lives. I have to admit. the pandemic disrupted my usual endeavors but it also made things better for me. I found happiness and joy where others might have found discouragement, fear and perhaps anger. I learned to cling to the things that bring happiness in my life and to disassociate with the things that only create frustration.

So what is it that brings you happiness and joy into your life? Here are 5 things that bring my joy and I celebrate them at the end of this year.

  1. Animals
  2. Family
  3. Good Food
  4. Travel
  5. My Savior