You Animal You

So I was talking to a group of kids a couple of weeks back and I was asking them to tell me what they were grateful for.

I do need to add that the kids were between the ages of 5-6.

They thought of their families, their toys, their friends but then they couldn’t think of anything else. To help them out, I started naming items that I am grateful for . . . food, pools, the sun, naps, etc. Needless to say, we got on the topic of animals and never got off. The kids had to not only tell me about their favorite animal and why they were grateful for them but it became a biology lesson on what made that particular animal so great.

So here are my top 5 favorite animals and why I think they are so great.

  1. Dogs: Seriously, if you had known me and my dog Coco, then I don’t have to explain why I think dogs are so great. But interesting fact: Dogs actually do dream. When they twitch and have paw movements while sleeping, it is an indicator that they are dreaming. Thanks Pet Finder for that awesome fact! You can find more unique facts here.
  2. Killer Whales: Let’s be honest. They are soooo beautiful and magnificent to see out in the open ocean. My love of Orcas started with Shamu at Sea World but it went to a whole new level when I saw them while off the coast of Vancouver, Canada. Interesting fact: Did you know that Orcas live over 90 years? Check out other facts here
  3. Sea Otters/River Otters: You can’t tell me that you don’t find Otters completely captivating. I can sit at an aquarium all day and just watch them play with each other. Besides that, they are so cute and they make you want to cuddle with them or at least get a stuffed animal version to cuddle with.  Interesting fact: Did you know that Otters have the thickest fur of any mammal in the animal kingdom? They can have up to 1 million hairs per square inch. Thanks Mental Floss for the fact! You can check out other facts here
  4. Panthers: What’s not to like about a big black cat? Really, big cats stand in an arena all their own with the majesty and respect they deserve. Then you add black fur to the mix and you had me at hello! They are magnificent creatures. Did you know that they are not solid black in color but up close you can actually see prints or spots on their body? Thanks Interesting Fun Facts! Check out more facts here
  5. Sheep: I know this might sound crazy but whenever I spend any time on a farm; the only animal I really want to spend time with are the sheep. Their presence just seem to give the world a pastoral glow. I remember that I wanted to touch one so bad because I thought they would be so soft. I was wrong. Their fur feels like a seriously bad rat nest but it still doesn’t deter my love for seeing the animal out in pasture. Did you know that sheep are able to remember things? The can remember at least 50 individual sheep and humans for years. Thanks One Kind for the fact! Check out more facts here

Gotta Have the Hair

This week both my friend who is visiting and I have appointments to get our hair done. I am continuing the process of going back to blonde and I will be spending quite a bit of time at the salon. That got me thinking . . . today’s post are my top 5 songs that have some relevance to hair. Enjoy!

  1. Obvious Hair Song: Cut Your Hair by Pavement
  2. Another Obvious: Hair by Lady Gaga
  3. The Musical: The Nicest Kids in Town from Hairspray
  4. Summer Hair Song: Let Your Hair Down by MAGIC!
  5. 80’s Hairband: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

Unique Little Towns

So last weekend I spent a portion of the day looking at apartments in preparation for my sister moving to Oregon. While the majority of the apartments focused on Salem proper; there were a couple that sent me out into the country. It was such a beautiful and relaxing drive but a little out-of-the-way for a daily commute. Throughout all of my time driving; I decided to shed a little light on these small towns I was in and out of. You never know what treasure they might have hidden. What small towns do you live next to that you have never explored?

  1. Molalla: This little town is home to the Molallo Buckeroo Rodeo, Apple Festival and the Pacific Coast Freestyle Championships (a model airplane aerobatics tournament). It is also the home of Kevin Freeman, silver medalist in the 1964 Equestrian events. 
  2. Marquam: This little town was started by Alfred Marquam who was the nephew to Philip Augustus Marquam. Philip was an early Multnomah County judge and legislator. The Marquam Bridge, Marquam Hill, Marquam Gulch and Marquam Nature Park are all named after him. 
  3. Silverton : So this town is slightly larger and is a lot of fun to spend your day exploring. It is the gateway to Silver Falls State Park. Home to The Oregon Garden and the Gordon House which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is also home to Bobbie the Wonder Dog
  4. Aumsville: Named after the son-in-law to Henry Turner who established a farm and flour mill creating the soon to be town. It is also home to the annual Aumsville Corn Festival. 
  5. Turner: This town is named for Henry Turner; a local flour mill owner and well-known pioneer who actually also founded the town of Aumsville. 

Favorites of Pinterest

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week especially since it was a short week. I had a great time on the 4th; enjoying it with friends, fireworks, dogs and a campfire. The best part about this week is that work will be over tomorrow. I had the hardest time getting up on Tuesday and heading into the office. Apparently so did everyone else since the freeway looked like an early Sunday morning. I think we should officially declare July 5th a holiday as well. If your holiday celebrations really don’t start until after the time you are normally in bed; that makes it an automatic holiday the day after. Can I get an Amen?!

In light of how quickly this week got away from me and the fact that I have so much going on in preparation for a friend coming to stay with me for the next two months; I decided to share my top 5 favorite pins I made on Pinterest this week.

  1. I am kind of digging this hair color right now and since I have a hair appointment in a couple of weeks . . . one can never tell. 
  2. Yes, I am feeling the need to make zucchini bread but I would like to try something a little different then the usual. In steps this recipe. 
  3. I love this quote because too many of us in the world are trying to achieve perfection but to what end? 
  4. Call me crazy, (only because it is summer), but I am on a vegetable barley soup kick. 
  5. Having something nice to come home to . . . ahh . . .