Summer Music Vol. 3

Here we are winding down summer and I have a few more songs that got me through the warm months. I can’t lie . . .I am a little excited for the cooler weather to start.

Traveling Food Trail

As I finished up my late summer travels, I would be amiss to not share with you some of the great food places I have found along the way. So here are 5 new places discovered with one in my own backyard.

YOKE’S FRESH MARKET (for sandwiches)
Big O Bagels

What Makes Summer For Me

There are so many things that make a season for someone. I would think that a lot of it is wrapped in memories of years gone by. That is what it is for me with Summer. There are things that I really want to experience before I can say a season has come to a close. Below are my top items that make summer, summer. What makes it summer for you?


Road Trips


A Summer Night Sky
Summer Beach Bonfires