I am a Girl (Part 1)

I know this is a shocker but . . .I am a girly-girl. Don’t get me wrong; I am super comfortable in my own skin and can go without having makeup on or my hair done. I am pretty chill about things. But I do have my moments where I like to feel pretty. One of those areas if having my nails done. So here are 5 styles I am eyeing before I get my next manicure.

Songs About Home

I am lucky that I get to be around family right now. I love the strength I gain from them and the encouragement they give me to keep going even when I am done. I know we just had the music post but I decided to share some of my favorite songs about home with everyone.

Spending Time with Sisters

I am really lucky to have a wonderful group of sisters and sister-in-laws. I am even more lucky when we get to spend time together and laugh as loud as we want. We got to spend a week together on Whidbey Island and it was a wonderful time. Here are 5 new things that we found that we love.

The Braeburn Restaurant

Madrona Supply Company

Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail

Washington Park in Anacortes

Bayview Farm and Gardens