Stress Relieving Helps

Right now I am at crunch time in the office. It seems to be an ever growing list of things that need to get done sooner rather then later. Last week I shared songs that I use to help relieve stress. This week are some other tips to help as well.

What do you do when you have too much stress in your life?

  1. How to Reduce Stress with Deep Breathing
  2. 10 Anxiety & Stress Relieving Plants Ever Home Must Have
  3. How to Reduce Stress with 20 Surprisingly Wonderful Self-Care Products

Motivation During a Stressful Time

I am usually VERY busy at year end with work but this year it is a little different. I am having to complete year end processes two weeks earlier then normal and it means that I am not sleeping very well and working LONG hours.

This means I need motivation to keep going when I just don’t want to do anything, anymore. Here are 5 songs that gear me up to keep pounding the work out. Do you have songs that motivate you to keep going?

Spending a Lot of Time in Washington

This year has been FULL of work travel and that means I have been keeping the I-5 nice and warm between Oregon and Washington. This fall I headed back to Seattle for another work trip and even though I manage to be up there a lot; I still find new things to love. Here are 5 new things that I fell in love with during this last trip.

  1. Homegrown
  2. Seattle Great Wheel
  3. Museum of Pop Culture
  4. Funko World Headquarters
  5. Tipsy Cow Burger Bar