What If You Said, I Love You?

So here we are at Valentines Day. I don’t love or hate this day. I am pretty neutral on the subject but I do like it for one reason–hopefully it is a reminder to just love in general. We definitely need more love in this chaotic world. But I have been thinking about something a lot lately . . .how often do you hold back saying, I love you?

It doesn’t matter if you hold back because you just assume the other person knows how you feel. It doesn’t matter if you think you have shown how you feel. It doesn’t matter if you are afraid of being the first person to say it. AND IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER if you are afraid of saying it because you are unsure of what the other person’s reaction might be.

Take stock of how often you say, I love you. So I am issuing a challenge for today and going forward . . . If you want to tell someone you love . . . TELL THEM. If you think you have told someone that you love them enough times . . . YOU HAVEN’T.  Yes, saying those three little words changes things and I promise you–it will change for the better.

I am talking about all levels of love that you can express to anyone that you come in contact with. Just say it. Just be that person that everyone thinks is crazy but secretly wishes they were just as bold . . .and yes, I am talking about romantic love as well. It is Valentine’s Day isn’t it?

So here are 5 quotes to help you with saying those three little words to your romantic interest. If you choose to accept the challenge; please let me know how it goes!

What If You Knew You Were Awesome?

. . .and this is what I get for having time to think about things. You get me pondering questions about life and the general public. But let’s talk about this for a second. Do you know that you are awesome? If someone tells you how great you are, do you discount the compliment? Now let me ask; do you discount the compliment because you are being modest (you do in fact know how awesome you are) or because it can’t possibly be true (you know all your faults and shortcomings)?

It is absolutely critical that you know just how wonderful you really are. You are the only you in this world. You may try to fit in with everyone else. Act like everyone else. Change your opinions to be like the popular opinion and in every other way, fit in but . . . You are you and that is fundamentally amazing!

So here are 5 quotes to help you remember just that.

Closet Purge and Upgrade

I am back at my annual purging and it feels great. When I purge my house, I get rid of 1/3 of everything. It helps me keep things in check by never crowding me out with clutter, staying aware of the things I have that I don’t use on a consistent basis (perhaps due to seasons), and re-asses my needs and wants.

When purging my clothes, I found that I have a ton of shirts but really no bottoms. So yes, I do need to do a little shopping but at least I have direction so I am not just buying more tops. I do love clothes and dressing up. Work is the number one place that I dress up for so I am usually looking for items that are conducive to the workplace.

Here are 5 workplace updates that I would like to see in my closet.