The Start of a New Chapter

November & December 571This is the start of the blog that has arisen from weekly emails to family and friends. It started first as an email as I needed my current life to settle down a bit. In the meantime, this will be a post every Friday of all the wonderful things that make me happy and have in turn become my favorites. The fourth Friday of every month will be a music only edition of the Five Friday Faves. Please contribute your five fave with everyone since music does make the world go around!


I have officially learned that I need to expand my “online” horizons outside of work so I know what is going on in the world. In light of that revelation; I have learned that Pharrell Williams’’ song Happy has music videos done in just about every country. Some I can leave but some make me smile. I have attached my four favorite renditions and make sure you smile while watching . . . you should be “Happy” that it is Friday!


In this week of revelations, I have also noticed that whoever said that the 80’s should never be repeated, obviously spoke too soon.


With both of these songs—I would be interested to know what 80’s band you think these groups are reminiscent of.


I really think this song is sweet so I had to share. 


As if we didn’t need another thing to bring a smile to our faces . . .  just celebrate your life and the people in your life!