And the Day Started With a Train Ride

How easy was it for this to be the places I’ve been post and I just took a trip yesterday; easy! Wednesday I had a friend fly into town, I then on Thursday I played hooky and the two of us caught the train from Portland to Seattle for the day.

Now I have been to Seattle many times before. I am actually getting pretty adept at knowing my freeways and when to not be on them, towns that surround the area and the neighborhoods that I like to frequent.

One thing that I have never done was take the train to Seattle. I have always wanted to but for some reason I just found it easier to drive. The funny thing about driving is the money you spend in gas and parking and that fact that you WILL end up in traffic. There is no way around that one so why do I always drive? I have no idea.

The train was great! It was three hours and they went by pretty fast. We were able to just sit back and relax. I didn’t have to worry about anything except getting to the train station on time (which we almost didn’t do).

So here are some pictures to share with you from my day. Enjoy!

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Snow day (or week)

Just a reminder to everyone . . . I live in Portland. I don’t live in Utah. It does get cold in Portland and sometimes it decides to ice and on a rare occasion it will decide to snow. You know, the kind of snow that falls in the morning but gets washed away in the rain before dark. Apparently this year, old man winter is a bit confused. (Maybe he is really just too old to do the job anymore).

We are on our 4th (count them 1, 2, 3 . . . 4th) snow storm this winter. Most of them have come and gone and we get a lingering day of ice but the storm this week; can I just say that I was waiting for the snow plows to come through and clear the street. To my dismay, Portland has nothing to clear the streets with and the city has been dumping gravel by the truckloads to try and┬ámake the roads semi-movable (it’s not working).

So I have been stuck in my house for the whole week. I could have gone to the office on Monday and Tuesday but I slipped on the ice that had formed from the prior snow storm on Saturday night. Then Wednesday morning I wake up to about 8 inches all around me. Now I am barricaded in my house because that snow turned to ice and it isn’t melting with our temperatures hanging out in the 20’s. I am a little confused.

So that brings me to my top 5 things I like about being forced to stay home.

  1. I don’t have to wake up to an alarm since I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night.
  2. I can take a nap in bed on my lunch break.
  3. I can hang out in “comfy” clothes all day and I don’t have to put makeup on.
  4. I can watch nature outside of my windows instead of staring at a parking lot.
  5. I don’t have to make the commute.