What I Have Been Up To

Hey Everyone!

We survived the super hot weather . . . whew! it was a close one 🙂 But that did leave me with cooking without the oven this week and excited about going to the beach this weekend. So here is a recap of things I tried new this week and this weekend.

  1. Turkey Zucchini Burger with Tahini Sauce by Clean Eating Magazine. They were wonderful and refreshing. It was summer in a pita! turkeyzucchini-small-420x470-300x336
  2. Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps by Skinny Taste. Not going to lie; the house smelled wonderful as it cooked in the crock-pot all day. I did make one small change; instead of any salad dressing I just used a little bit of sour cream. It was nice not having a dressing covering up the taste of the chicken. crock-pot-buffalo-chicken-550x395
  3. Chicken Power Bowls with Crispy Baked Garbanzo Beans by Iowa Girl Eats. I have been making and remaking these bowls for a long time now. I just love them! chicken-power-bowls-with-crispy-baked-garbanzo-beans-iowagirleats-com-01_mini
  4. Summer Breakfast Quinoa Bowl by Skinny Taste. I actually ate mine cold and it was great. I didn’t add sugar but stuck with just the honey and fresh fruit. It is very filling and a great way to start the morning. summer-breakfast-quinoa-with-grilled-peaches-and-berries-550x809
  5. Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest 2016. I can’t wait for this weekend because this is where you will find me. I love spending time at the ocean but I also love seeing the art behind sandcastles. Look for pictures next week!

To finish this post off right; here are some pictures from my many activities over the last couple of weeks. Remember to get outside and enjoy summer!!


Eating Should be Enjoyable

You know what . . . you should really enjoy what you eat. I think if we enjoyed what ate all of the time we would have a better relationship with food and by default a better understanding of food as well. I am sad to say that there has been things that I have eaten that were less than sub-par. I am slowly learning that if it isn’t enjoyable; I walk away. It saves a lot of calories to walk away from the less than stellar items. That is a bonus in my book.

But I am not actually here today to talk about your relationship with food or calorie consumption—I am here to tell you about the best things that I have eaten lately. Some I made at home and some I bought out but all of them had me savoring each bite and looking forward to the next “good” meal.

So here is your assignment for the rest of the month—Enjoy the Food You are Eating!!

  1. Chicken Pad Thai from Cooking Classy (Side Note: Tastes great even as left-overs 4-5 days later)
  2. Simple Lemony Chicken & Spring Veggie Soup from The Cozy Apron (Side Note: I added fresh asparagus as well)
  3. Homemade Hot Pockets from Happy Money Saver (Side Note: I inserted mine with pesto and fresh veggies. Nothing else and they were fantastic!) 
  4. Otis Cafe in Otis, OR: This place is VERY small and you probably will have to wait but you should and without a doubt, try their German Potatoes. HEAVENLY!!
  5. Pacific Way Cafe in Gearhart, OR: I love that this place is not in one of the main coastal tourist towns. In fact you could completely miss it but I wouldn’t recommend it. They have wonderful calm chowder (seasoned the way I like) and a WONDERFUL Dungeness crab open-faced sandwich.

Have You Told Them Lately?

IMG_7008Guess what . . . it is February and that means we should all be thinking a little more about love. LOVE–that is actually a really small word that means so much in so many different ways. The Beatles said it best when they said, “All you need is love”. Love has power behind it. It has the power to change everything and anything that it touches. What a fabulous miracle that each and every one of us has at the tips of fingers or the breath on our lips.

So I want you to go out there tomorrow and take a test in the world. Mentally note each time you felt love. It can be in the simplest of forms to the most grandiose. So here are my top 5 ways I felt love yesterday. Think about your list and I think you will find love in places you didn’t know it existed.

  1. While driving home I was stuck in traffic and had the opportunity to really see how beautiful the city is that I live in. I was filled with love and respect for it.
  2. I had a conversation with my mother and father and at the end both expressed their love for me before hanging up.
  3. I had the opportunity to meet a new family that lives near me. After being in the home for approximately 3 minutes; their little girl promptly told me that I can come over all of the time and play with her. I love children!
  4. When walking into my house I had a neighborhood cat come up to me. I was able to scratch her ears as she purred happily. I love animals.
  5. While driving into work I was able to sit and think about my life and where it is headed. I have many of the same concerns that everyone has and it would be very easy to get caught up in them but luckily I was filled with a strong sense that I am loved and being watched over. All things will pass in the their time.

P.S. Attached are some photos I took from last weekend so you too can see how loved I feel in the natural beauty that surrounds me.