Creepy Songs . . .potentially

So here we are in October and there are lots of fun songs to celebrate the holiday but this year I was listening to some songs and decided to share 5 songs that the lyrics could be potentially creepy.

What songs do you listen to that could be potentially creepy?

Bear Lake

A family favorite is to spend time at Bear Lake every summer. This is something that I haven’t been able to indulge in for years but somehow this year I was able to spend time with the family and remember just how much I love it. Bear Lake is situated in the corner of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. If you ever find yourself near the area – make a point of stopping by.

Here are 5 things that I love at Bear Lake. What things do you love in that area?

  1. Pickleville Playhouse
  2. La Beau’s Famous Shakes
  3. Minnetonka Caves
  4. Bear Lake Rentals
  5. Bear Lake Pizza Company

What Makes Fall, Fall for You?

I had a conversation with a friend today about fall. I asked the question: What quintessentially makes it fall for you? Some of our answers matched and some did not. So now I am asking you the same question.

Here are my top 5 for what makes it fall for me.

  1. The Leaves Changing
  2. Pumpkins and Pumpkin Patches
  3. Apples in Abundance and Orchards
  4. Sweaters and Scarves
  5. Warm Drinks in the Evening

The Great Taco Run of 2020

Raise your hand if tacos are your thing! Yup, they are in this house. A while I ago I saw a post about a taco truck trip and since no one can travel far from home this summer, we decided to check it out for ourselves.

We created our own rating system with the possibility of a perfect score at 35. The highest score achieved was 31.5 and the lowest was 7. Some of the items we graded for were tortilla, meat, beans, and size.  Below are 5 of our favorite stops with their score.

What are you doing to get to know your area a little better this summer?

  1. El Jalisco located at 8726 SW Barber Blvd Portland, OR (Rating: 31.50)
  2. Don Pedro at 5900 NE Fourth Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA (Rating 25.75)
  3. Trejo’s Mexican at 1833 W Court Street Pasco, WA (Rating: 28.50)
  4. Raliberto’s Taco Shop at 233 128th Street Everett, WA (Rating: 28.75)
  5. El Chapulin Oaxaqueno at 4451 California Ave SW Seattle, WA (Rating: 28.50)