About Jenn

2014 670

I am the crazy idea Starter.

For my whole life, some one will just have to mention something very small and then my imagination runs away with it. That not so little idea ends up turning in to something big.
“Jenn, what should we eat for dinner tonight?”
“How about pizza?”
And from that point we are off.

Of course I will have to look for just the right recipe and with that will come the inevitable “what will we eat with it” question, followed by the “how should it be served” question and so on. (By this point the 4 year old is next to me ready to help because Jenn is doing something and can’t be left out).

Really what it comes down to is: I really want everyone to enjoy life and be happy. So in answer to this, I have created this blog. It is my “happy place”. The place where I share my favorites things from this week, things coming up, or things from years of past favorites.

I decided one day while sitting in my office, beaten down by the long hours of work ahead of me, that I needed to remember what made me happy. I knew that happiness was going to be my cure for the office blues. So I decided one day to send out an email to any friend that wanted a happy pick me as well. That email has grown into this blog you see today. It is a reminder that my life doesn’t just exist in the spreadsheet that I create at the office but it lives in the things, places and people that I surround myself with.


Enjoy my favorites and let me know about yours. I am always looking for what will bring me joy next!

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