I Dream of the Day When . . .

Today I am on vacation. Today I am working. I dream of the day when I can actually take a vacation without working and just enjoy myself. I am lucky and I know that. While I am sitting at a table working, I am also looking out over water, islands and I am watching a glorious sunrise. What a blessing I get to witness. I will never take for granted what I have been given but I would also like to not have to check emails and spend all my time away at the table in front of my laptop. Below are 5 vacations I think I could take that working would be impossible to do.

Ultima Thule Lodge in Alaska
Little Palm Island Resort in Florida
Lodge on Little St. Simons Islands in Georgia
Kachi Lodge in Bolivia
Lake Placid Lodge in New York

Flowers Instantly Brighten My Mood

I love flowers no matter where I see them and I am usually the person taking pictures of them. But sometimes the flowers I love the most are the ones that are on my own kitchen table. Most of my flower arrangements are simple but I will take flowers any way I can get them because they instantly put a smile on my face. Do flowers do that for you? Here are 5 flower arrangements that I love.

Jordin Floral Design
Darby Creek Trading

What to Wear Working Out in the Rain

I am a walker and I walk every day no matter what the weather is like. Since I live in Oregon–rain is usually the weather during the winter months. That means I am always looking for gear that will help me stay dry so I am not miserable by the time I get home. Here are 5 items that might help anyone who finds themselves in the same situation that I am in.

Gore Mythos Windstopper Gloves
Columbia Sportswear OutDry Jacket
Mizuno Breath Thermo Layered Tights
Nike Pegasus Trail Shoes
Nike Dri-FIT Aerobill Running Cap