The Steps I am Taking to Relax

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot of stress from being pulled in many directions. They would also tell you that I hide that stress very well. I tend to keep it bottled up inside. So in an effort to start eradicating the stress, I bottle up; here are 5 measures that I have recently taken to help ease the burden inside.

What are some things you do to relieve stress?

  1. I bought a hammock chair and I sit in it every evening to unwind from the workday
  2. I practice deep breathing first thing in the morning, the last thing at night, and whenever I feel a heightened amount of stress during my workday
  3. I take a bath and give myself a facial. It sounds frivolous but sitting in water calms my nerves and the pressure of circular movements on my face help me relax all the tense spots
  4. I talk a walk even if it is just a few minutes. Being outside just feels better
  5. I pray

Summer Reminiscing

We have hit the summer! I know it isn’t the summer that any of us imagined but I hope that we are getting out and enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. Because at the end of it this year – I hope we can all sit back and have something to reminisce about.

In the meantime, I saw this article on the other day and it got me thinking about some of the songs that I loved the summer they came out. Below are my top 5 from the article. What were some of your favorite songs from the summer?

The Great Taco Run of 2020

Raise your hand if tacos are your thing! Yup, they are in this house. A while I ago I saw a post about a taco truck trip and since no one can travel far from home this summer, we decided to check it out for ourselves.

We created our own rating system with the possibility of a perfect score at 35. The highest score achieved was 31.5 and the lowest was 7. Some of the items we graded for were tortilla, meat, beans, and size.  Below are 5 of our favorite stops with their score.

What are you doing to get to know your area a little better this summer?

  1. El Jalisco located at 8726 SW Barber Blvd Portland, OR (Rating: 31.50)
  2. Don Pedro at 5900 NE Fourth Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA (Rating 25.75)
  3. Trejo’s Mexican at 1833 W Court Street Pasco, WA (Rating: 28.50)
  4. Raliberto’s Taco Shop at 233 128th Street Everett, WA (Rating: 28.75)
  5. El Chapulin Oaxaqueno at 4451 California Ave SW Seattle, WA (Rating: 28.50)