5 thoughts on “You’ve Just Been Heart-Attacked!

  1. Hey – Just looking at your cute Valentine post again this morning! Your pictures are so adorable……….all of those fun decorations! And the photography is pretty impressive too! Keep going with that because I’m loving all of the pictures you post! I just wish I could figure out a way to copy them off and print them! And…………I was ticked last night to find out that when Brook finally came to the dinner table (which we had been waiting dinner to eat with her) she said that she had been talking to you! I thought that was kind of mean that you didn’t say “Hi” to the rest of us! I have to say that I was a bit jealous to find out she had been talking to you………and not us too!! Well…………..Dinner was delicious though. We made a new recipe from my “Best Bites” book that was Apple Butter Pork Chops. We had herbed rice, a tossed green salad and homemade rolls with it and it was pretty darn good! Even the kids lapped it up! Then we had FHE and then looked in our Valentine’s boxes! That was pretty fun! Brook had made a box for Dad and I too…………pretty cute! I was surprised to find Valentines in the boxes from you as well! Then Dan and Steph had sent homemade Valentine’s to the kids. Zeke just couldn’t stop looking at his! It had a rainbow in it and he just loved it! And……………We did open our card that you had sent us. Thank you…….especially the words within! That means a lot to us! Then we ate dessert which was peanut butter cookies and ice cream since Dave was in charge of dessert and he had made cookies on Sat. when he and the kids were over here. He came to do his taxes. I wanted him to bring dessert because I was making goodies for everyone, as a gift, for everyone to take home. I just have to tell you my baking schedule last week! It’s pretty impressive! Monday………….I made a cake just for me and Dad. It lasted a few days. If I had been thinking about the rest of the week, I wouldn’t have made this!Thursday…………I made Red Velvet Cupcakes and English Muffin Bread to take to the Ellsworths……….along with Clam Chowder.Friday……………I made Shortbread Cookies for Brook’s gift.Saturday………..I made scones for breakfast (with Dave & the kids) and of course, 2 loaves of bread.Sunday………….I made Red Velvet Cupcakes (again) because that’s what I made the kids for their gift. I put 2 of them in a special Valentine’s cupcake box so they would be special. Then I made homemade rolls for dinner. And then I made a small dish of cinnamon rolls for Dave’s gift. I think I’m done with baking for a while!! I’m not sure how long it will take me to get the mixer out again! But I did hear that you made something fun for Valentine’s. Brook was jealous! Well………We gave them their baked goods, packed them up and sent them out the door around 10pm……….then Dad and I collapsed. We were both quite tired and my legs were aching………..so it was off to bed after we tucked the cats in for the night. (Bruno went home with the kids. They’re going to buy some fish today and are taking him to get his nails clipped. Hallelujah!! Now I’m off to make an attempt at cleaning up the kitchen! This might take a while! But “a good time was had by all”!Wish you could have been here……….or we could have been there! Hope you had a good time at Sariah’s. TTUL Love you, Mom Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 16:25:10 +0000 To: grooveychic71@hotmail.com


  2. Happy valentines to you!!! Thank you for the sweet cards. We love and miss you too! Have a beautiful weekend!
    Jess and family

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  3. Hey –
    I love your post! This decorating looks exactly like you……….funny thing! Just wish I was at your place to see it in person………..with you! Keep up the good work with your post! I’m loving them!


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