Sunshine on the Soul

2014 1311
How did everyone’s week go? Did we all survive so we can enjoy the weekend? I survived but no luck yet in the job department. I am still marching ahead though! 🙂
I have no idea what it is like where everyone lives but the last two days at my house have been WONDERFUL! It has been high seventies-low eighties and the warmth just melts my heart. I have been enjoying midday mini-naps on the hammock with the dog but I have to start worrying about sunscreen. A burnt face is no one’s idea of a happy day.
In honor of the rousing burst of sunshine on my soul; I guess it means I have to go shopping right? So here you go . . . this is what I need in order to enjoy a perfect day outside.
1. Sandals of course. I just had a pedicure a couple of days ago and now I need to show off my bright neon pink toes! I think I should go for this sandal or if an evening out is in order, I definitely needs this pair
2. Next on the list of course has to include an awesome sun dress. What is summer for but to enjoy long flowy comfort wear? 🙂 So how about this dress or this whole ensemble
3. So this is what I am doing to my hair at my next appointment because I am ready for my hair to look summery and not so business
4. If I am going to go to all the trouble to look good outside than I might as well go ahead and just get ready outside as well. This is actually a dream of mine to have an outdoor bathtub and shower. Sounds weird right? After living in Hawaii and using them; there is no going back. I just need to live in a climate conducive to the habit
5. Finally, we should all enjoy a meal full of outdoor flavor. Tacos are always a hit or this Salad
Get out there and enjoy the sun! 

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