There is a Phrase . . .

There is a phrase in Ireland that says, “There is no fireside like your own”. I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. I love that I have my own place and that it represents me and all the things that make me happy. I more importantly love sharing it with everyone around me. I love when people come over to visit and they comment about a painting, the holiday decorations or the smell of something cooking. I think it is important to feel the essence of the person as soon as you step over the threshold.

I am very lucky that I get to open my home to a friend for the weekend. Yes we will be out “playing” but at night we will be able to come home and share in my “fireside”. That is very rewarding for me.

So in honor of that and the fact that I have a ton of things to get ready before the friend comes; I am not posting anything but pictures of things that I have made, looked at, or decorated with while in my home.

Come by and see me 🙂



Friends Are The Best

Can I just tell you how wonderful friends are? They are pretty much amazing and hope everyone out there has at least one great friend if not a few more! 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong; I love my family and I would do anything for them and I know it is reciprocated but . . . there is just something wonderful about friends.

I get the fantastic opportunity to spend my next two weekends with friends and I feel SUPER lucky! So to honor the next couple of weeks; here are 5 songs that remind me of how wonderful friends are.

  1. White Stripes: We’re Going To Be Friends
  2. Bill Withers: Lean On Me
  3. The Beatles: With A Little Help From My Friends
  4. The Rembrandts: I’ll Be There For You
  5. Randy Newman: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

And a bonus since this usually requires a friend to do the hand actions. 🙂

Say Say Playmate

New Places to Explore

I am so excited for the end of this month . . . A friend is coming to see me! Yahoo! I love having people over to my place and I especially love having my little “vacation” while showing people places that I love. I don’t think it is a big surprise to everyone how much I love Oregon and certain places within the state but I have decided to mix it up a bit with this friend. So while we will be doing all of the things that I hold near and dear to my heart . . . I love you Pepino’s . . . I have decided to search for a few new things as well.

  1. The Kennedy Soaking Pool: It is beautiful. It is swimming in bath water and it is at McMenamins. How much fun is that? 🙂
  2. Portland Aerial Tram: I actually get a lot of time to stare at this while I am sitting on the freeway in traffic but I have yet to ride it. Here we come!
  3. Lovely’s Fifty Fifty: Okay, I have been here but it was wonderful and different pizza. Totally worth the stop.
  4. Meriwether’s Restaurant: I have ALWAYS wanted to stop here but I just haven’t had the chance or the right opportunity. I do now!
  5. Silverton, OR: This town would take me less time to get to, then my office but I haven’t ever been able to make it down there and explore. So doing it!

What’s New With You?

So everyone has New Year resolutions right?

Are you sticking to them?

Mine are coming together. Some of mine started last year and some started years before that.  For instance, I have decided to purge my life of all the clutter. I have been working on it but it is taking awhile (and I am not talking about the metaphorical clutter either, although that would take longer).

But this post isn’t about New Year resolutions; it is about looking HOT! I think I need some news things in my wardrobe and possibly a day trip to a spa. So here are 5 things I need to spice up the routine. What would you do to spice up your routine?

  1. Maybe going back to my blonde 
  2. A ring that get’s conversations started 
  3. A manicure that tells people whose the boss 
  4. Shiny skirt (because I need something to dress down my denim shirt) 🙂 
  5. Oh my goodness . . . aren’t these so cute!!! 

Have a great start to your new year as well!