End of an Era

 November & December 231
It is a great day today but I say that with also some heaviness of heart. For the last week I have waffled between the excitement of something new in my life and the sadness of saying goodbye to my life over these past ten years. It has been a wonderful ride but moving forward is going to be a wonderful and welcomed change. I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with myself on Monday morning next week . . .
Oh, wait a minute . . . I could start out with sleeping in until it is light outside.
I could make breakfast and enjoy it at a table instead of a desk.
I could exercise when it is light outside.
I could . . . I am realizing that the possibilities are endless here.
Since the possibilities are endless, I think that first order of business on Monday morning will be nailing down a job in Ireland. For the last two months I have been listening to Pandora to “while away my hours” and mostly Irish pub rock. So today’s music post is going to be all of the fun songs that I have been listening to while finishing up with my job.
1.      I heard this song and thought it was so funny since it has been happening a lot to me over the last little bit.
2.      My coworkers decided that the reason I listen to Irish music is because it helps me work faster. I don’t know but it is fun none the less. 
3.      Okay not everything I have been listening to has been Irish music and I really love this particular song right now.
4.      While I have been in Texas I did get the opportunity to go to a concert and I saw Reba McIntyre. I don’t know country music at all and I only recognized 1 song that she sang that night but it was fun to be in the room with good energy so here is the song that I recognized . . . oh wait . . . it is a cover that she did
5.      And my last song isn’t really about leaving a job but I feel like this really is the 1st day of my life.

Office Escapes

Today is my travel post.
In fact, today was a lot of things but the only traveling that I did today was from my office chair to the bathroom. It was “awesome”. So as I thought about the blog today I was trying to think of what you guys would want to know about. Then I decided to let you all in to the deepest, darkest places in my mind and tell you where I mentally travel when trying escape my day at the office.
1. For some reason this is the first place that I travel. I really feel relaxed when sitting in the sand and watching the surf and it never hurts to watch the surfers either which is probably why I mentally go to the North Shore of Oahu.
2. Right after the beach I usually head over to the mountains and this place in particular is usually what I think about. I think it has something to do with the many times we spent up there as kids while growing up.
3. Then I have to waffle back to the beach again but this time I don’t want a sunny beach to sit in the sand. I want to walk the length and think about things. That is why this coastline is the best.
4. Since I have now travelled between a sunny beach, the mountains and a thoughtful walk on the beach; the next place I mentally go is to my own home. I think this should be my next house!
5. Last but not least; my final thought usually involves climbing into bed either for the night or a great nap. I think I am going to need this in my new house. 🙂
So where do you all mentally travel?

Valentine’s Day

So no one need recognize that is Saturday and not Friday. We are going to pretend that yesterday didn’t escape me!  🙂
So moving on . . . Did everyone realize that it is Valentine’s Day today?!
I actually like the holiday.
I like seeing men pick out flowers and look bewildered while doing it (case in point this morning at Sam’s club) and also asking other women standing around in a salon what they would like if they were getting a spa gift card (also happened today while I was getting my eyebrows waxed).
By way of announcement . . . I am not making fun of these men. I really truly love that they think today is important enough to be out and about early picking out things for their loved one. The only thing I want to do is run a website that functions like Pinterest but automatically emails the husband or boyfriend the updates of things that their woman likes and where to get it so that they don’t look so bewildered. It would be sweet justice for all.
So I think I should list the top 5 things I would want this Valentine’s Day. Anyone else care to join me?
1.       I am a SUCKER for flowers especially my most favorite flowers which are black tulips but these are my very close second runner ups.
2.       I am not a huge fan of chocolates but if I could have one of these chocolate peanut butter shakes from Moonstruck Chocolates I would be totally happy and yes, that is the world’s best chocolate peanut butter shake.    
3.       I think taking a walk here would be wonderful
4.       And I think the best saying on loving the right person is: and so the adventure beings.
5.       I would wear these for a night of dancing and no, I don’t mean clubbing. There is a difference. Got to act insane on this day once in awhile.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!


November & December 472
I am nearing the end and I have given my official end date to current job. It will be February 28th and then I might be bored . . . one could only hope. 🙂
In the meantime, I have decided that I need the following things in my life.
I mean really; I have lived in a hotel for the last three weeks and spent almost every waking hour in the office. I could be anywhere in the world and not know what is going on or where I am. So the following things I think would really put a smile on my face.
What do you need in your life right now to get through the day to day humdrum?
1.      An adorable animal 
2.      New clothes because I am already sick of what I brought with me. How long is the mall open tonight? These are pretty much awesome and this should make an evening out a lot more fun!
3.      A kitchen because eating out is VERY over rated 
4.      In fact, a house because the Holiday Inn Express isn’t that cool anymore
5.      A great place for a date 
And just because it is close to Valentine’s Day, I might have to get one of these too.:)