Easter Is Now On

I wasn’t planning on doing anything for Easter this year but now my plans have changed. I will need to come up with a great but quick Easter meal and here are 5 recipes that I am looking at. What are your cooking plans for Easter?

Ways to Enjoy Winter

I have to admit that winter has been very mild for me this year but I know others are experiencing some rough weather. Winter is usually the season we love to get through on our way back to summer but the older I have gotten the more I have a deeper appreciation for the season . . .outside of the holidays.

Below are 5 simple ways you can enjoy the season a little more this year.

  1. Drink something warm and different from your usual warm drink. I like this recipe and just leave out the coffee for me.
  2. Pile on the gear and get your blood pumping outside. Rosy cheeks before you can come back inside
  3. Start that new project but haven’t had time for
  4. Light candles and enjoy the longer amounts of darkness
  5. Spend time conversing and laughing with friends

New Recipes Found

So here we are at a new year and my world is topsy-turvy right now. I have so much going on that I am not sleeping well, losing hair from stress, and unable to focus my thoughts as they keep bouncing between the million things I am required to get done as soon as possible. Looks like I know what another post will be about soon . . .but that thought has to wait its turn. It is currently 1,234,567 and I am only servicing 10 right now. Haha!

This post is a recap of new recipes found and made over the last couple of months. What need things have you tried?

  1. Stuffed Acorn Squash with Sausage
  2. Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Mousse
  3. Green Bean Bundles with Bacon
  4. Paleo Cinnamon Ice Cream
  5. No Bake Date Energy Bars