Best BBQ Recipes

Nothing screams summer louder than the smell of fresh-cut grass and someone barbecuing something in the backyard. You can smell it a mile away! I love BBQ smells because it means people are outside enjoying the warmth of the sun and hopefully soaking up time that isn’t electronically filled. If you are someone who can’t let your electronic devices go—PUT IT DOWN! Trust me—the phones, tablets, computers, TV’s, etc. will still be there in an hour and your mind plus body will thank you for it.

So to encourage you to get out and make friends with the outside and your grill; here are some recipes to inspire you. Enjoy!

  1. Best non-traditional way to BBQ from Fabulously Frugal 
  2. White BBQ sauce? I am totally intrigued and need to try it from Plain Chicken
  3. Everyone needs to have their particular side dish when eating BBQ. It could be corn, potato salad, watermelon but for me it is coleslaw from Dear Crissy.
  4. While I don’t eat pork anymore; I actually really have a great recipe for ribs. No, I am not going to share it with you at this time. So rude . . . I know! In the meantime, try this one First Home Love Life.  
  5. My favorite is actually smoked turkey. Try this recipe next time from Grits and Pinecones

. . And The Chef Has Prepared

So I do cook . . . all the time, but I hardly ever add the images to the blog or the new recipes that I have tried. I don’t know why except that this isn’t a food blog. My blog is about the favorite things in my life and that includes a lot of things. However, I have had some questions recently asking about the recipes to food that I have made. So here you go . . . 5 of my new favorite recipes.

  1. This is my new go to dinner and lunch. Super easy and SUPER tasty. The only difference I make is that I use turkey bacon.  Asparagus Egg & Bacon Salad from SkinnyTaste
  2. Once again, SUPER easy to make and keeps well so you don’t have to cook every night. Left-overs are great! Easy Chicken Gyros from Creme De La Crumb 
  3. Yes, I made these for Memorial Day because they were red, white and blue but they were a wonderful treat. They satisfy your sweet tooth without being a big involved treat. Red White & Blue Strawberry Cheesecake Bites from The Kitchen is My Playground 
  4. This is a great recipe if you like dill in your potato salad. I did add green onions to the mixture and on the top plus I used more salt and pepper. I hate it when the potatoes suck all of the seasoning out of the dish by the next day. Dill Potato Salad from Wildflour’s Cottage Kitchen 
  5. This is a great summer treat that feels indulgent without being chocolate. Lemonies from I Sing in the Kitchen 

Eat This! (Spring Edition)

Spring is springing and I am SUPER excited! I have had enough cold weather and snow/ice to last me for a couple of years. With the weather warming up, the buds peeking on the trees and the daffodils shooting up from the ground—I am inclined to shrug off the winter food fare in favor of items with a lighter feel. So here are some items I am eyeing to start whipping up in the kitchen.

This just looks heavenly to me. 

Totally intrigued since I don’t have a juicer. 

This looks amazing for work lunches. 

I am a realist after all. 

Did I mention I was a realist? 

Post Thanksgiving

I am sure most of you had turkey and all the trimmings during your Thanksgiving holiday. I hope it was a great meal! If not, below are some of the items that I made for my dinner with the family that were fantastic.

  1. Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie from Mel’s Kitchen Café 
  2. Grilled Mexican Corn Salad from Southern Living 
  3. Pecan Pie Bites from The Baker Mama 
  4. Cranberry Salsa from Our Life in Food (it seems their website is down; should you want the recipe, send me a comment and I will send their recipe to you)
  5. Chile-Rubbed Turkey from Bon Appetit 

Even if it was a great meal; I am sure you have burnout with the leftovers. Don’t get me wrong, I love turkey and it is one of the few meats that I eat but I can only see it paired with stuffing and mashed potatoes for so long before I start thinking fast food sounds like a good idea. So here are 5 ideas that I think sound excellent for using up the leftovers.

  1. Nachos from Half Baked Harvest 
  2. Bites from Nabisco Triscuits 
  3. Sandwich from Two Peas and Their Pod 
  4. Soup from Town and Country Living 
  5. Tart from Cook’s Illustrated