Spending Time Between Minnesota and North Dakota

Both of these states I have been to but I have never been up as north as I was until I visited Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. Now I have 5 new favorites for the next time I am in town.

Itasca State Park
Red River Flood Memorial
Ely’s Ivy Restaurant & Bar
Widman’s Candy Shop
Smiley & Winking Water Tower

New Places Found

When the kids come to visit, I am always looking for new places to take them. It is funny to me how many new places I find even after living here for almost a decade. Just goes to show that there is never a moment when you shouldn’t be exploring your own backyard. Below are 5 new places I found near me.

Riverside Park (photo credit: Carrie Ames)
Little Crater Lake Trail

Ooo Nobibi

Lux Sucre
Holler Treats

Cooking With the 12-year Old

One thing I find important is spending time with the kids in my life. Years ago I decided that when the kids have their twelfth birthday, they will spend a week with me doing whatever they want (within reason). Mostly, it gives me time to just listen and talk with them about what is important to them. The most recent 12-year-old is the one I have been cooking with since she was a toddler. We really enjoyed our time in the kitchen so this week was no exception. Below are the recipes for all the “fun” items we made this week.

Peach Ginger Paleo Muffins
Coconut Milk Fudgesicles

Almond Flour Thumbprint Cookies

Lemon Blueberry Paleo Muffins
Paleo Blueberry Pie Crumb Bars