Celebrating Women

I know we celebrated Mother’s Day this month and to all the mothers in the world . . .

Happy Mother’s Day!

But I just felt like having music that celebrates us as women in general. There were stipulations to the selections I made. First, it had to be sung by a man. Second, it had to be the least objectifying of women. Third, it had to try and not be an outright love song. Do you know how hard that was to find? Please tell me if any of you can think of any other songs that fall under those criteria. Enjoy!



Boston One of These Days

I have had numerous flights in and out of Boston over the years. In fact I will be in Boston again on Sunday as I fly back to Portland but one thing I have yet to do is leave the airport. I really need to make the effort to fly in and stay a couple of days. I have always wanted to visit Boston but my travels take me to other places first. I guess I just need a really good reason to pick Boston as the destination and not a lay-over.

In the meantime, here are 5 places that I want to visit when I actually make it to the city.

  1. Fenway Park. I am trying to visit all the iconic baseball stadiums (not to mention but this one is 100 years old).  
  2. The Mapparium. Just cool.
  3. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 
  4. Old State House 
  5. I also know that I am supposed to eat a Cannoli 

New Beginnings

Someone hit the reset button when we started 2018 for my family. Between a pregnancy announcement, multiple housing relocations, and job changes—this year has proven to be the mighty mix-master. I can’t say that the upheaval wasn’t unwarranted or unwelcomed but it has left all of us wondering what is next.

So here are 5 quotes to help all of hang on in the face of change.

Squeeze a Lemon

For some reason right now I am on a mighty kick for lemon flavored anything. Thank heavens Miss Delta’s in Portland serves up great homemade lemonade. But for everything else, here are 5 recipes that I am wanting to try with the taste of lemon.

  1. Sticky Lemon Cake from SweetBites 
  2. Lemon Heaven Dessert Squares by Borden 
  3. Citrus Shrimp & Avocado Salad from Foodie Crush 
  4. White Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce by Chew Out Loud 
  5. Lemon Souffle Pancakes by Christina’s Cucina