The Transition to Fall

I can’t believe we are in September. Where did this year go? What did I do with the time? What haven’t I done? Fall always does this to me–it makes me reflective of the time and how it has been spent. Not going to lie . . .I have made the most of this year so far but I have many more things that I want to do as well. In the meantime, I am going to take a moment and enjoy the last kiss of summer as we transition into longer nights, cooler weather, and the color of the leaves changing.

So here are 5 quotes to help us find joy in the transition and embrace the new season upon us.

Seasonal Clothing Change

We have hit that time of year where I am starting to pull out sweatshirts and sweaters for the evening hours. Love it! Here are 5 looks that I can’t wait to rock during this season.

States Still To Visit v. 5

Here we are with another state that I need to get to. I am hoping to complete all 50 states in the next couple of years. This state is Rhode Island. I have danced around the state but neve actually made it in. Here are 5 things I am looking forward to when I do.

Block Island and Mohegan Bluffs
RISD Museum
WaterFire Providence
Cliff Walk Newport
Ogie’s Trailer Park Restaurant