Winning Quotes

I have been taking a class lately that has asked me to have a “winning” quote. I do have a quote but I also thought I would share a few more with each of you. The idea is to have something that pumps you up to accomplish your goals. You know . . . like the Rocky song from years ago. I dare you to not start humming this song in your head . . . haha!!

What would be your winning quote?


Father Day Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up soon and for all those kids out there that want to make something fun to give your dad; here are a couple of suggestions.

  1. Tackle Box from Crafty Morning
  2. Smart Cookie from The Idea Room
  3. Pops! from Fantabulosity 
  4. Mountain Dew from Create Craft Love
  5. Donut from Moritz Fine Design