Sunny California

Made it to another travel post and this time I am featuring my last trip to Southern California. California is PACKED with things to do and see but I challenge you to get out and explore places that aren’t amusement parks or tinsel town. You might find something that draws you back again. Here are the top 5 from my last trip.

  1. Nick’s Deli II
  2. Huntington Beach
  3. Mercado Santa Monica
  4. Long Beach
  5. Chronic Tacos

Winning Quotes

I have been taking a class lately that has asked me to have a “winning” quote. I do have a quote but I also thought I would share a few more with each of you. The idea is to have something that pumps you up to accomplish your goals. You know . . . like the Rocky song from years ago. I dare you to not start humming this song in your head . . . haha!!

What would be your winning quote?