Music of the Road

November & December 449
So in keeping with last week’s theme of road trips and since this is Memorial Day weekend; the favorite list this week is some of my favorite road trip songs!
I hope everyone has something planned for the three day weekend even if it is staying home and getting stuff done. That is what is on my docket for the weekend. I get to organize all the food in the house. That might sound like an easy task or at least a funny task but we do have food storage and things have been shoved into the pantry for months now and I can’t find anything I need . . . hence the big clean out of 2015.
Enjoy the list and have a wonderful weekend!!
1. I love songs that I can groove to while driving in the car. This is the kind of song that makes me want to give the peace sign to every car as I drive by (because we all know that I will be passing and not the other way around). Thank you Wilson Pickett.
2. Last week when I drove down to Cedar City for the afternoon, all I could do was sing this song in my head over and over.  So just listen to Roy Rogers so we can all move on.
3. I just love funky groovy music while travelling so of course you have to have one from the The Staple Singers.
4. You have to have at least one song that screams, “I need to get the hell outta dodge”. This song from Whitesnake does that for me.
5. You also have to have at least one song that is going to have you dancing in your seat so that all the cars you pass will catch a glimpse of you and leave them wondering what has made you so happy. We should spread happiness right? So here is to the Rolling Stones.

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