Does anyone else have hands that hurt from all the hand-washing and hand-sanitizing? Everynight before I go to bed, I take 5 minutes and work lotion thoroughly into my knuckles and the tops of my hands that have been hit the hardest. Here are 5 lotions that cycle through of types. What is one that you like?

  1. Mario Badescu Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E 
  2. Vermont Original Bag Balm
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. St. Ives Hydrate
  5. Aveda Special Hand Relief

2 thoughts on “Moisturize!

  1. Yes! I have a couple of suggestions! Actually my hands get dry and cracked a lot just because I live in a dry climate. I am constantly moisturizing just to stay on top of it! Years ago I used a product made by Avon, which I think was called “Silicone Glove” but am unable to get it now. But every night I put on Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion and my hands stay pretty good. If I run into problems, I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. This one is closest to my Avon favorite and heals them right away!


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