Valentine’s Day

So no one need recognize that is Saturday and not Friday. We are going to pretend that yesterday didn’t escape me!  🙂
So moving on . . . Did everyone realize that it is Valentine’s Day today?!
I actually like the holiday.
I like seeing men pick out flowers and look bewildered while doing it (case in point this morning at Sam’s club) and also asking other women standing around in a salon what they would like if they were getting a spa gift card (also happened today while I was getting my eyebrows waxed).
By way of announcement . . . I am not making fun of these men. I really truly love that they think today is important enough to be out and about early picking out things for their loved one. The only thing I want to do is run a website that functions like Pinterest but automatically emails the husband or boyfriend the updates of things that their woman likes and where to get it so that they don’t look so bewildered. It would be sweet justice for all.
So I think I should list the top 5 things I would want this Valentine’s Day. Anyone else care to join me?
1.       I am a SUCKER for flowers especially my most favorite flowers which are black tulips but these are my very close second runner ups.
2.       I am not a huge fan of chocolates but if I could have one of these chocolate peanut butter shakes from Moonstruck Chocolates I would be totally happy and yes, that is the world’s best chocolate peanut butter shake.    
3.       I think taking a walk here would be wonderful
4.       And I think the best saying on loving the right person is: and so the adventure beings.
5.       I would wear these for a night of dancing and no, I don’t mean clubbing. There is a difference. Got to act insane on this day once in awhile.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

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