Office Escapes

Today is my travel post.
In fact, today was a lot of things but the only traveling that I did today was from my office chair to the bathroom. It was “awesome”. So as I thought about the blog today I was trying to think of what you guys would want to know about. Then I decided to let you all in to the deepest, darkest places in my mind and tell you where I mentally travel when trying escape my day at the office.
1. For some reason this is the first place that I travel. I really feel relaxed when sitting in the sand and watching the surf and it never hurts to watch the surfers either which is probably why I mentally go to the North Shore of Oahu.
2. Right after the beach I usually head over to the mountains and this place in particular is usually what I think about. I think it has something to do with the many times we spent up there as kids while growing up.
3. Then I have to waffle back to the beach again but this time I don’t want a sunny beach to sit in the sand. I want to walk the length and think about things. That is why this coastline is the best.
4. Since I have now travelled between a sunny beach, the mountains and a thoughtful walk on the beach; the next place I mentally go is to my own home. I think this should be my next house!
5. Last but not least; my final thought usually involves climbing into bed either for the night or a great nap. I think I am going to need this in my new house. 🙂
So where do you all mentally travel?

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