End of an Era

 November & December 231
It is a great day today but I say that with also some heaviness of heart. For the last week I have waffled between the excitement of something new in my life and the sadness of saying goodbye to my life over these past ten years. It has been a wonderful ride but moving forward is going to be a wonderful and welcomed change. I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with myself on Monday morning next week . . .
Oh, wait a minute . . . I could start out with sleeping in until it is light outside.
I could make breakfast and enjoy it at a table instead of a desk.
I could exercise when it is light outside.
I could . . . I am realizing that the possibilities are endless here.
Since the possibilities are endless, I think that first order of business on Monday morning will be nailing down a job in Ireland. For the last two months I have been listening to Pandora to “while away my hours” and mostly Irish pub rock. So today’s music post is going to be all of the fun songs that I have been listening to while finishing up with my job.
1.      I heard this song and thought it was so funny since it has been happening a lot to me over the last little bit.
2.      My coworkers decided that the reason I listen to Irish music is because it helps me work faster. I don’t know but it is fun none the less. 
3.      Okay not everything I have been listening to has been Irish music and I really love this particular song right now.
4.      While I have been in Texas I did get the opportunity to go to a concert and I saw Reba McIntyre. I don’t know country music at all and I only recognized 1 song that she sang that night but it was fun to be in the room with good energy so here is the song that I recognized . . . oh wait . . . it is a cover that she did
5.      And my last song isn’t really about leaving a job but I feel like this really is the 1st day of my life.

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