All the World Abloom

Slowly and ever so quietly, spring has been taking shape in my neck of the woods. The temperature is staying slightly warmer and the days are getting longer but I haven’t noticed it on a daily basis. In fact, I didn’t really notice much until the other morning when I walked out of my house. As I was walking to the car I looked down at the ground and noticed white stuff and that some of it was floating in the air. My gut reaction was: SNOW! (It had me almost running for cover). To my surprise and great delight it was blossoms falling off a tree. In one quick moment my winter gloom was made bright and light because spring had arrived. 🙂

It got me thinking about what blossoms I am most eager to see and so I have compiled a list of my top 5 spring blossoms I can’t wait to have come to life.

  1. Pussy Willow 
  2. Cherry Blossom 
  3. Forsythia 
  4. Tulips 
  5. Lilacs 

What blossoms can’t you wait to see this spring? ENJOY SPRING EVERYONE!!


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