Turn Up the Volume

So guess what happened . . . I got busted with my music. I was cleaning and working in the kitchen when I decided to turn on some music. I needed to stay focused but I didn’t want to be distracted either so I turned on Jack Johnson. I know what you are all thinking, “don’t go overboard Jenn”, am I right? Well apparently I did and I actually got my upstairs neighbor to come down, knock on my door, introduce herself and tell me to turn it down.


Good night nurse! Someone put some salt on her Cheerios this morning. J

I get it—I live in an apartment and we have to be respectful to everyone around us but I am probably the most silent tenant ever and I got in trouble over Jack Johnson? Good thing it wasn’t Metallica.

So in honor of music and fun. Here are my current top 5 upbeat songs that every one of you should play at loud volumes and I will just listen to in my car.

  1. DNCE: Cake By the Ocean (To avoid some choice words; I choose the live TV version to share)
  2. Rachel Platten: Stand By You
  3. Panic! At The Disco: Victorious
  4. Walk The Moon: Shut Up and Dance
  5. Elle King: Ex’s and Oh’s

Bonus: Here is a couple of fun Irish Pub Songs given that it is March!

  1. The Dubliners: The Sick Note
  2. Makem & Clancy: Mary Mack

And if you hadn’t already thought of it . . . HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!