Kindness Matters

To everyone that has been effected by Harvey–my heart goes out to you and I pray fervently that all will be made right soon. Hang in there and know that you are loved by people miles and miles away from you.

To all the rest of us–let’s take this tragedy and make it a positive turning point in our lives toward kindness and understanding. Always remember how far kindness goes; it can and it will change the world if we let it. All it starts with something simple. So here are my top 5 simple ways to show kindness everyday.

  1. Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself good morning with a smile on your face. It might sound funny and you may not want to do it but your day will start better and it will be easier to show kindness once you are really awake.
  2. Say good morning, afternoon or evening to a stranger(s) you pass by and SMILE while you do it. Stop ignoring the people around you.
  3. Hold the door open for someone. I know, it might mean you have to wait 30 seconds longer to get inside and continue your day but a kind gesture (while small and seemingly insignificant), can really influence the other persons outlook going forward.
  4. Leave a note of kindness on a car. Try this one for instance. 
  5. Always keep a humble heart and remember how blessed you are then share those blessings the best way you can with those around you. 

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