Late Start to Winter

I am not sure where everyone lives but for me, it seems we are having a late start to winter. For the most part, I don’t mind winter. Let’s say that represents 65% of me. The other 35% showing that I am not a big fan of it. I can very easily enumerate the things I don’t like about it but I can also come up with reasons why I like it as well.

Here are 5 reasons why winter is okay in my books. What reasons do you like winter?

  1. Fresh fallen snow makes everything it falls on look beautiful when it would otherwise look dead. 
  2. When it is cold outside, you seek warmth inside. 
  3. Most people look good bundled-up when outside. 
  4. No one “bats an eye” when you say you just want to stay home and read a good book. 
  5. While it is cold outside, I see more beautiful night skies. 

4 thoughts on “Late Start to Winter

  1. Just now looking at this post! Sometimes I’m a little behind the times! But………..Love these thoughts and pictures! I’m with you about winter. I love it to some extent. I think I loved it a lot more when I was a kid but I’m OK with it! But I do have to say that Spring is here now and I’m loving our “popcorn popping on the apricot tree”!!


    • Glad you were able to spend some time looking over the post. Hopefully, spring has finally found its way to you. We seem to take 2 steps forward and a step back. I guess that is spring for you!


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