Change is Good

I love that it is finally spring where I live and I can go outside without all the heavy gear on to protect me from the elements. The bad thing is, now I have a sudden desire to go shopping, visit the stylist, and plan a vacation. My pocketbook might not make it through the transition. Below are 5 things I am wanting to do to celebrate spring.

  1. I am very excited for outfits such as this 
  2. Strappy sandals such as these 
  3. A new hair color and I am thinking this 
  4. A light polish on my nails 
  5. And some fun outdoors such as this 

Eat This! (Spring Edition)

Spring is springing and I am SUPER excited! I have had enough cold weather and snow/ice to last me for a couple of years. With the weather warming up, the buds peeking on the trees and the daffodils shooting up from the ground—I am inclined to shrug off the winter food fare in favor of items with a lighter feel. So here are some items I am eyeing to start whipping up in the kitchen.

This just looks heavenly to me. 

Totally intrigued since I don’t have a juicer. 

This looks amazing for work lunches. 

I am a realist after all. 

Did I mention I was a realist? 

Food! Glorious Food! Part 2

So what would be food without dessert? Dessert can elevate us from mere mortals into super heroes without too much effort. So below are some of the desserts that I have made recently for people who I love.

  1. In my house they are called Brownie Bombs. If you ask a kid it is because they are the bomb! If you ask an adult it is because they will completely derail your healthy living lifestyle. If you ask Food Recipe’s Book they are called Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes
  2. Gina at Home: Chewy Coconut Cookies. I have been looking for a great coconut cookie recipe and I have finally found it. IMG_7700
  3. Floating Kitchen: Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Whipped Cream. So this really is the bomb! 
  4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Grahams. Probably the easiest thing you will make. Take chocolate graham crackers, spread peanut butter on one side. Spoon cool whip on the other side. Press together and freeze. They are awesome!
  5. I needed something elegant and easy to make for Mother’s Day and here it is. White Lights on Wednesday: Blackberry Napoleons. IMG_7704

P.S. Here are some pictures of spring to enjoy!