All the Best of Luck

Last night I was sitting in my car talking to a friend on the phone and staring at the forest in front of me. I am noticing that the grass is seemingly a little greener, the trees have leaves just starting to come in and even the moss seems to be picking up life again. I decided that I like the color green. It is fresh—new and best of all lucky! So this morning when I was driving in to the office, witnessing the most incredible sunrise and rainbow; I realized how lucky I was.

Of course the next thing I thought of . . . St. Patrick’s Day!! Hope everyone is gearing up for some green Irish fun next Thursday. I myself will be wearing a green sweater and my lucky clover necklace from Ireland and looking for something fun to do. So here is a nod to some of the best places to be for St. Patrick’s Day around the world and a few places right in my own backyard!

  1. New York
  2. Chicago
  3. Dublin
  4. Kells Irish Pub
  5. Paddy’s Pub

4 thoughts on “All the Best of Luck

  1. I’m lov’in the decorations! Got mine up too! Just looking ahead planning a St. Patty’s Day dinner! Wish you were here………..or we were there!


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