Bear Lake

I hope everyone had a great week! Mine had bottomed out at the beginning but it improved as the week went on. I am not going to lie; it has been extremely frustrating finding a job and my severance has finally run out. I actually need a job now. Pray for me that it is a great one. I really need something that is going to invigorate me and keep me happy working for the next ten to twenty years.
In the meantime; we are at the Places I’ve Been post and I have decided to share where I was last weekend with Beki and my nieces: Bear Lake. So here are my five favorite things about the Bear Lake area and then I have included a photo roll from the weekend as well.
1. LaBeau’s Drive In. They have great lake food and shakes. It is probably going to kill your diet and raise your cholesterol but it sure tastes great after spending all day on the lake.
2. Minnetonka Caves. I love going through this cave but I also love the drive to the cave. It is so beautiful. A great time to relax and get out of the heat of the day.
3. Pickleville Playhouse. I can’t leave the Bear Lake region without spending time watching a great melodrama put on by my cousins and I HIGHLY encourage everyone going to that region to stop in and see a great show.
4. Of course the Lake! It is beautiful! So blue, clear and freezing cold. It actually makes you really glad to have it be close to 100 degrees outside.
5. Jet Skiing. It is a lot of fun to just lay on the beach, play in the shallow surf but it is a WHOLE lot of fun to jet ski on this lake.
I hope everyone does something really fun this weekend! Get out there and explore nature!

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