August So Far

Good Morning Everyone!

We have started this month off with a bang of activity and it isn’t going to slow down before the end of the month. I have all of my weekends tied up until after Labor Day and hopefully I am on the cusp of a job which will impact the month as well.

The whirlwind of activity has everything changing so rapidly. Yesterday while driving to Park City, I noticed the leaves changing on some of the trees . . . what? The girls also reminded me that they start school in 2 weeks . . . what? What I am figuring out is that maybe my diatribe on fall coming too soon to local stores isn’t too far away after all. What is a girl to do? 🙂

If you can’t beat them, join them right?!

Here is my list for the favorite things that I did this week. I hope each and everyone of you are enjoying the last of your summer.


1. Deer Valley Music Festival: I have been volunteering at the festival for the last three weeks as a way to get out of the house, enjoy friends, and forget about the fact that I don’t have a job. It has been wonderful!! I highly recommend everyone in the Utah area taking in one of these concerts next year.

  1. Wayne Bartholomew Park: I have now brought my nieces here twice and we love it. It is great family fun for an entrance fee of $0. Can’t beat that! It does get crowded on really hot days and it will be hard to find a spot on the beach but try and get here if you can.

  2. The Dodo Restaurant: This is one of our favorite restaurants in the Salt Lake Valley. It has great food, GREAT desserts, and a great atmosphere to hang out with friends and mingle. My girlfriends and I headed over here for dessert this week to celebrate the end of an era and the start of new things to come.

  3. New Desserts: So the girls stayed the night and we partied hard. We colored up a storm, went to the library and checked out 16 books that needed to be read before they left, went to the lake, camped-out in my room for bed, roasted s’mores and of course had to make a treat. The girls couldn’t decide between something chocolate or citrus so we made both. These lemon cookies were a HUGE hit. We doubled the batch and the cookies are officially gone as of today. The chocolate poke cake was good as well BUT there is a disclaimer of eating it sparingly. It is SUPER rich and is likely to make you sick if you eat too much.

  1. Fall Weather: We ended up with a very cool and rainy day twice this week. Both days I pulled out long-sleeve shirts, wanted a cup of tea and was starting to dream about a Halloween party. Luckily for my mother the party won’t be at her house this year and hopefully I will be able to still get a party in even if I am living in a different location. Fingers crossed!!

IMG_5586 IMG_5588

2 thoughts on “August So Far

  1. Hey – I guess I need to get straigtened out on this blog thing. When I click on making a comment, your pic comes up. I’m thinking that it looks like you’re the one making the remarks. True? Well, help me with this one. But………..Your post was great! Where did you take the pics? Love them! Love you – Mom

    Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 19:27:13 +0000 To:

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  2. Looks like this is Jenn’s reply……..but actually this is her mother!
    Loved your comments and yes…………the cookies and cake were delicious but………….lay low on that peanut butter cake………..VERY rich! Loved the pics and have loved the rainy days!


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