Starting Fresh

Here we are at another Friday. I am so glad because my body is achy and tired but I am also SUPER sad. If you live in one area for too long, guess what happens . . . you get attached. That’s right–you get attached. I have lived in Utah for 12 years now. That is 11 years longer then I originally thought that I would live here. All of these years later, I know that Utah was the right decision and staying here this long has been the right decision as well. I have wonderful friends, I live in a beautiful neighborhood with wonderful neighbors, I have favorite haunts I like to visit, I love all of the things to do outside, and most importantly–I love being close to my family especially the nieces and nephew. They really are the highlight to my life.  🙂

So now, that brings me to this week . . . I took a new job. I am excited for it and the new challenges that it will present. Mostly, I am just eager to have a schedule again. I get frustrated being busy but not knowing where all of my time is going during the day.

This new job means that I will be moving back to the Portland-Vancouver area. I am very excited about this since as most of you know, I love the Northwest A LOT!!! I get to be there also at my most favorite time of year: FALL. Awesome for me!! 🙂

So this brings us back to the music post for today. Enjoy my 5 picks for starting over and if you have any favorites; please share them!

  1. Rolling Stones: Start Me Up
  1. The Byrds: Turn! Turn! Turn!

  2. The Andrew Sister & Bing Crosby: Accentuate the Positive

  3. Bon Jovi: It’s My Life

  4. American Authors: Best Day of My Life