Here’s to Something New

We have reached the end of another week and this has been the strangest one yet. It was full of packing and shipping boxes and the office (or how I more appropriately called it home),  will be officially empty in a couple of hours and Legend Healthcare in Utah will exist no more.
There is a lot of different emotions running through me right now. For one, I am sad to see an era come to a close and I am very sad to lose wonderful coworkers. But at the same time, I am SUPER excited about the possibilities of something new. The whole world is opening up and all I had to do was quit my job. Who knew?
In fact, yesterday when all of the boxes left and my computer was on its way to Texas, my own body started crashing. It was as if all of the stress over 10 years needed to finally get some rest. It was the longest 20 minute drive home. I guess that I am decompression mode.
So in honor of my new life . . . oh wait a minute . . . my life . . . below is the five favorite things I plan on doing.
1. Eating breakfast at the table in my house instead of in front of a computer.
2. Sleeping a full 8 hours every night.
3. Being able to participate in life outside while the sun is still shining.
4. Eating lunch and dinner away from my desk.
5.Finding time to exercise and it not be 3:30 in the morning.
Here is to something new everyone!!

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