Products I Love

This morning I started thinking about some of the products that I use and love and I decided that I would share them with the world in the hopes that you might love them as well. It is a random list but . . .

  1. Sprayology Homeopathic & Vitamin Oral Sprays: I was skeptical at first but now I am sold. I use the AllergEase and PMS Support and they really do what they say they do!
  2. Caleb Treeze Organic Farm Stop Leg & Foot Cramps: It really does stop them in a minute or less. For some reason I tend to get foot cramps in the middle of the night and this is the quickest way I can get back to sleep. 
  3. Munchkin Bottle Basket: I take breakfast and lunch with me every day to the office and that requires a lot of containers and some of them small. I was tired of putting little lids in the dishwasher just to have them flip out in the cycle and burn at the bottom. This has been a lifesaver! 
  4. Vanity Mark Ultra Brow Powder and Brush: Since I started coloring my hair dark I have had to start coloring my eyebrows as well. This is the quickest, easiest way to color and fill in your brows. 
  5. Rubber & Mini Bobby Pins: Seriously, I am not sure what took so long to start manufacturing small and rubberized bobby pins. The stay locked in place. They don’t dig into your scalp and they are hidden without having to have an up-do. Hallelujah! 

4 thoughts on “Products I Love

  1. I’m thinking that you need to buy me some of that brow powder for my birthday or make that another suggestion to Kim for Christmas………..if it fits in the price range. I’ll keep the other things in mind if I find I need them. Great suggestions! Thanks for sharing!


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