Something Other than the Ordinary

Has anyone wanted to sleep somewhere that isn’t your usual hotel room? I have! I find all these unique opportunities and I just have to take them. This weekend I am currently staying in a yurt and I get to cross it off my list. Yay me!!

Where would you like to stay that is out of the ordinary?

Below are my top 5 out of the ordinary places I would like to sleep for the night.

  1. Yurts 
  2. Ice Hotel 
  3. Tree House 
  4. Underwater Pod 
  5. Glass Igloo 

2 thoughts on “Something Other than the Ordinary

  1. In Finland we have world’s biggest snow castle. It offers for visitors many incredible experiences. Among them to stay inside the snow castle or to get married. There are stories that some persons flew to Finland got married in the snow chapel and then they flew to Caribbean to spend their Honey moon.

    Here is one of my post presenting the Castle:

    Snow Castle 2017&2018

    Finland offers other experiences like meeting Santa at the Arctic Circle:

    Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle

    Also participating in the rein deer contest is free for everybody:

    Reindeer race

    This is once in the life time experience.

    Happy weekend!


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