Surviving the Travel Season

This week I have found myself travelling back to Utah for a graduation, a wedding and other general family frivolity. This trip is the beginning of the many summer trips I already have planned for the summer months. I can only guess that more travelling will be added as the weeks progress.

Over all my years of travelling, I have picked up a few things that work great for me and decided to share them with each of you. They might help you spend less time packing, sorting, shifting and finding once you are away.

I do have one huge caveat to share at the beginning: EVERYONE over packs for trips and EVERYONE can take less. Don’t ever pack items that you don’t wear at home. Being away from home won’t change your habits. That also goes for bathroom items and extra items ‘in case you need to be entertained’. You are going on vacation, you will be entertained because it isn’t your normal script.

  1. These jars save a ton of space in my bathroom bag. I have multiple items that I use that only require a drop or two and I don’t need to use up space because of taking the whole tube. I write in Sharpie what the item is so I don’t forget. 
  2. Yes, this is a plug for more expensive shampoo and conditioner. Whatever you use on a daily basis; keep using it if you want but get a salon grade shampoo and conditioner for travelling. This is the product that I use and I love it because I use the amount of a quarter when washing/conditioning my hair. Just so you know, my hair is at the end of my shoulder blades and is a standard thickness. I take the 1.75 oz size with me and can make it last almost 4 weeks with washing my hair every other day. 
  3. Clean out your makeup/hair bag before leaving and only take what you use on a daily basis. I have at least 20 different eye shadow colors but I only use 2 colors on a daily basis. No need to bring the rest just because they are in my makeup bag regularly. I have a bag that is long enough to hold the makeup brushes that I need but not one that is terribly wide. 
  4. Speaking of bags . . . Upgrade from the Ziploc bag but don’t have a bag bigger than quart size and make it clear so you don’t have to mess with ground vs. air trips. ALL of your grooming items (excepting makeup) should fit in that bag. If it doesn’t, reevaluate what you use and why you need to take so much. 
  5. Final Suggestions: I keep a bag continually packed with everything but my clothes. When I get back from a trip, I refill my toiletries and put them back in the grooming bag. I throw my clothes in the laundry and put my makeup bag and brush back in the drawers. It takes me 5 minutes or less to unpack and it GREATLY helps when packing in the beginning. Also, evaluate the bag you take on trips. If it gets heavy to carry when full; it isn’t a good bag (regardless if you are ever going to carry it or not). The only time I take a full-size suitcase is when I am travelling for over a month and plan on bringing back souvenirs.

Just remember; the less you take the less hassle you will have from start to finish.



One thought on “Surviving the Travel Season

  1. Great tips! I SO need you to come and give me lessons on how to pack light. I am getting better at it but still not great.


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