Items that I love

So I have been shopping a little and here are some items that I have acquired that I absolutely love!

  1. Yes, I bought a salt lamp and you would think it is nothing but a marketing ploy to get you to buy one but guess what, it actually does what it says it does: it cleans the air. My allergies have been so much better since having this in the house. 
  2. This has been a big help for me. It really does make a difference when cooking chicken to have it all the same thickness. 
  3. This one is kind of funny but I have had a LOT of fun experimenting with all the things it can do and have been buying it in the 12 lbs bags.  
  4. I needed a new oil diffuser since mine died but I love how beautiful this one is. 
  5. This is also a funny item but it has been extremely helpful; a shower cap. I have started doing a coconut oil treatment every week for just healthier hair. When you have to let the oil sit on your hair for a couple of hours; you need a shower cap. Now my cap is the $0.80 special from Wal-Mart but there is no reason you can’t also have a pretty longer-lasting one like these.