Flashback to 1995

I am pretty excited about this weekend. I get to spend it hanging out with my best friend. We met in Hawaii in 1995. I moved there from Kansas and she moved from Colorado. We were freshmen in college and both looking for work. As luck would have it we both took a job at the Seasider Grill. It was not the most glamorous job but it did help us make money. I have to admit that we got off on the wrong foot which probably had something to do with our backgrounds. I grew up in Los Angeles. I was use to the beach, Disneyland and shopping. She grew up in a tiny town in Colorado with “hippy” parents and was use to hiking, camping and folk singing. While our outside appearances were starkly different; we were actually quite similar on the inside. We both wanted pretty much the same things out of life and in some ways we were the ying and the yang to each other. A good balance if you ask me.

So what do you with a 21-year-old friendship to celebrate? Not much different from when we met. We will most likely spend our day talking about every topic under the sun. Give each other encouragement to keep going with the chaos of our lives. Discover a new place while we visit an old haunt and probably sneak a treat in to cap the day off.

To commemorate the weekend, spark memories, and generally feel older; I thought I would list the top 5 songs of 1995.

Enjoy your friendships!!

  1. Gangsta Paradise by Coolio
  2. Waterfalls by TLC
  3. Creep by TLC
  4. Kiss From a Rose by Seal
  5. On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men