Thoughts Going Into The New Year

Here we are . . .the end of 2022 and the start of 2023. I have been really reflective this last week on what the course of 2022 looked like for me. This year has had some incredible highs and lows. It has been the year for me to come to a better understanding of who I really am. With all of the change and thoughts; here are 5 quotes that I am reflecting on as I move into 2023.


Finally Getting Away from the 2020 Rut

Is it just me or does everyone else feel like 2021 was just an extension of 2020? Don’t get me wrong; I have learned and grown a LOT during these past two years but I have also felt like I have been moving along only in second gear. I am ready to start moving at a better, less clunky pace. Ready to start gaining some momentum. I am calling for 2022 to be an AMAZING year! The reality is, not much needs to happen in order for it to be better than the last two years combined. So here are 5 quotes to help us be future and forward thinking.

Happy New Year’s Everyone!!

Welcome to the New Year . . . May You Only Find Happiness In It

We made it to 2021 and I really hope we all learned a lot  with 2020. One of the things that I learned was that it takes very little for me to be happy. What I cared about the most was the people. I wanted everyone to be healthy and happy and for us to be connected as much as possible. Most everything else, could go and a lot of it did for me. So here is to 2021. . . may you find real and lasting happiness!

Happy New Years!!