Finally Getting Away from the 2020 Rut

Is it just me or does everyone else feel like 2021 was just an extension of 2020? Don’t get me wrong; I have learned and grown a LOT during these past two years but I have also felt like I have been moving along only in second gear. I am ready to start moving at a better, less clunky pace. Ready to start gaining some momentum. I am calling for 2022 to be an AMAZING year! The reality is, not much needs to happen in order for it to be better than the last two years combined. So here are 5 quotes to help us be future and forward thinking.

Happy New Year’s Everyone!!


One thought on “Finally Getting Away from the 2020 Rut

  1. Some great quotes!! I need these to keep me going for my new year-long resolutions! Yes, let’s hope we’re all on the up-swing for 2022!!


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