The Songs I Loved at Age 12

This month my oldest niece is turning 12 and that is pretty significant. It is the end of being ‘the kid’ and that start of being a teenager. Music has always played a big part in my life and I know that for my niece, it is no different. So in honor of her birthday; here are 5 of my favorite songs the year that I was 12.

  1. Richard Marx: Right Here Waiting I loved this song so much that I even learned how to play it on the piano.
  2. The B-52’s: Love Shack is this song really this old? Wow, I really am getting old!
  3. Janet Jackson: Rhythm Nation Yeah, so I was a HUGE fan of Janet Jackson during this time. This was song was one that I constantly rewound the tape to listen to.
  4. Tom Petty: Free Fallin’ During this time I developed a deep love and appreciation for Tom Petty and it continues to this day.
  5. Young MC: Bust A Move Just so everyone knows, I still listen to this song to this day while working out.