When Hot . . . Do What Makes You Cool

Welcome to summer!

I am super excited!

I love summer!

I know some of you will think I am crazy given the fact that summer usually equals hot but for some reason I would rather figure out how to stay cool then the flipside of this argument (winter hasn’t been my friend for a number of years). This weekend in Portland it is supposed to be summer with a BANG! That’s right—100 degree weather for those of us that are going to brave the heat for the Portland Rose Festival activities. So below are my top 5 things right now that I need in order to stay cool during Summer 2016. What do you need to stay cool this year?

  1. Mojitos: Love this drink!! Try this recipe from Live Like You Are Rich 
  2. Swimming Pool: EVERYONE needs a pool in their backyard. Try one of these on for size. (Pool without dogs is from Beauty Harmony Life)
  3. Maxi Dress: Because what would summer be without the perfect one. Thank you to Fashion Moment
  4. Hair Clips & Bandannas: Yes please! With long hair; it has to go up when it is hot out.  See all of the designs with bandannas at Pretty Designs.  
  5. Ice Cream: Come on . . . didn’t everyone love the ice cream truck when you were little? Repeat after me . . . ice cream is our friend! See this recipe at Kitchen Treaty

3 thoughts on “When Hot . . . Do What Makes You Cool

  1. These all sound great but I’m really lov’in the dogs in the swimming pool! And I think it’s funny that you love summer so much! That Portland 100 degree weather doesn’t sound over appealing to me! But I guess with some mojitos, a swimming pool, some ice cream and the right fashion wear…………you’ll make it!


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