What If You Knew You Were Awesome?

. . .and this is what I get for having time to think about things. You get me pondering questions about life and the general public. But let’s talk about this for a second. Do you know that you are awesome? If someone tells you how great you are, do you discount the compliment? Now let me ask; do you discount the compliment because you are being modest (you do in fact know how awesome you are) or because it can’t possibly be true (you know all your faults and shortcomings)?

It is absolutely critical that you know just how wonderful you really are. You are the only you in this world. You may try to fit in with everyone else. Act like everyone else. Change your opinions to be like the popular opinion and in every other way, fit in but . . . You are you and that is fundamentally amazing!

So here are 5 quotes to help you remember just that.